A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2749

“Mr. Chen, while you were in a coma, the Patriarch gave you all the high grade pills of our Jade Tripod Sect.”

“In the end, even the three precious pills from the Hidden Pill Pavilion were given to you to take down, and only then did you wake up!”

The Third Elder hurriedly said to Kai!

Three pills?

Kai struggled to remember, although he was in a coma, he still had a sense of the changes in his body!

The three powers in his own body were growing by leaps and bounds, could they be related to those three pills?

“Third Elder, what are those three pills from the Hidden Medicine Pavilion?”

Kai asked!

“I’m not sure either ah, these three pills have existed for a long time, only that for so many years, our Jade Tripod Sect has studied them countless times, but we just couldn’t work out the medicinal properties of these three pills.”

“Now, our entire Jade Tripod Sect can’t get a decent elixir at all.”

“I don’t even know how I’m going to attend the Pill Master Meeting some time later ……”

The Third Elder said somewhat helplessly!

“Pill Master Meeting?” Kai was stunned “What’s going on here?”

“Third Elder, it’s good that Kai was able to wake up, let’s not say anything else.”

Liu Ruyan hurriedly stopped the Third Elder from talking too much!

Upon hearing this, the Third Elder then shut his mouth and stopped talking!

“Miss Liu, thank you so much for taking out so many resources from the Jade Tripod Sect in order to save me, if you guys have any matters, just tell me.”

“I’m also considered a member of the Jade Tripod Sect now, so why are you hiding it from me?”

Kai said as he looked at Liu Ruyan!

“I just don’t want you to worry, as for that Pill Master Meeting, big deal, just don’t go to it!”

Liu Ruyan said with a faint smile!

When the Third Elder heard that, he opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but didn’t say anything!

Kai also saw that the Third Elder did not look right, but in front of Liu Ruyan, the Third Elder definitely did not dare to say anything!

“I’ve been unconscious for so long, I want to go out for some air!”

Kai said!

“Mr. Chen, I will accompany you!” The Third Elder hurriedly said!

“Third Elder, don’t follow Kai and talk nonsense, understand?”

Liu Ruyan admonished!

The Third Elder nodded, then followed Kai out!

Just as he walked out the door, Kai asked, “Third Elder, what was that Pill Master Association you mentioned just now?”

The Third Elder cautiously looked at Liu Ruyan and found that Liu Ruyan did not follow him out, so he whispered, “Mr. Chen doesn’t know, in Jialing County, which is more than two thousand kilometres away from our Jade Tripod Sect, there is a Pill Master Meeting held once a year!”

“As you know, in this continent, pill masters are a very respected profession with a high status, although there is only one pill refining sect around here, but in the entire southwest continent, there are no less than dozens of pill refining sects!”

“Every year, these sects of ours would gather in the name of sparring, and then compete in their own pill refining skills, and all of us would bring out our own superior pills for display!”

“Firstly, we can showcase our own family’s pill refining skills, and secondly, we can reach a cooperation during this period, and exchange the pills for some resources!”

“And every year, in the competition, if you can take first place, the president of the Pill Refining Association, will also attach a lot of resources to it.”

“Now that our Jade Tripod Sect’s high grade pills are all consumed and there are few resources left, I’m afraid there’s no way we can participate in this Pill Refining Society.”

The Third Elder let out a soft sigh and said!

Hearing this, Kai then said “Third Elder, don’t worry, I can go to this Pill Refining Meeting and will never disgrace the Jade Tripod Sect.”

Kai reassured the Third Elder, after all, Kai was the one who ate all the high grade pills of the Jade Tripod Sect, so Kai should be in charge of it!

Seeing Kai say this, the Third Elder instantly laughed, he knew of Kai’s ability to refine pills, especially the Shennong Cauldron on Kai, it was a pill refining divine weapon!


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