A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2748

Liu Ruyan also noticed it and looked at Kai with excitement, hoping that Kai would wake up soon!

Kai’s body slowly levitated into mid-air, followed by an endless surge of breath coming out of his body!

These breaths transformed into three rays of light, constantly rotating around Kai!

One golden, one black and one blue, the three auras were like giant snakes wandering about, sometimes meeting, sometimes scattering!

In the sky, a cloud of gloom slowly drifted in, and this cloud got lower and lower!

Seemingly sensing that something was wrong, the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan hurriedly ran out to check!

When they saw the cloud above their heads, they were all a little surprised now!

“This …… should be a thunder tribulation cloud, Mr. Chen might be about to break through ……”

The third elder suddenly shouted out!

As soon as they heard that Kai was about to break through, so everyone was surprised!

One must know that Kai was only a newly promoted Harmony Realm cultivator, and even if he broke through, he would only be at the Second Grade Harmony Realm!

A breakthrough in a small realm could still attract a thundercloud, this was too outrageous, right?

We know that many cultivators may not be able to attract a thundercloud even if they break through a major realm!

Although there is a certain danger in a thunderbolt, if you can attract a thunderbolt cloud during a breakthrough and your body suffers a thunderbolt!

After the breakthrough, one’s strength will definitely be unparalleled in the same realm!

Rumble …………

Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound, followed by lightning starting to coalesce in the thundercloud!

“Retreat, retreat quickly ……”

Seeing this, the Third Elder hurriedly shouted out and told all the people to stay away from the house where Kai was!

Just as the crowd was moving away, a thunderstorm instantly struck down!

The house became shattered, and Kai’s body was exposed in mid-air!

Three different coloured auras wrapped around Kai’s body as he suffered the thunderbolt’s blasts over and over again!

After an unknown amount of time, the thundercloud dissipated amidst the shocked eyes of the crowd!

And Kai slowly opened his eyes!

The moment Kai opened his eyes, three auras instantly condensed together and entered Kai’s body!

At this moment, from Kai’s body, a domineering and extremely terrifying aura spread out in all directions!

The endless pressure caused everyone in the Jade Tripod Sect to look at Kai as if they were looking at a heavenly god?

Even the Third Elder could not help but kneel down and worship on the ground at this moment!

“Kai, you’ve finally woken up ……”

Liu Ruyan was incomparably excited to see Kai awake, and leapt towards him with a long leap!

When Kai saw Liu Ruyan, he hurriedly gathered up his body’s aura and caught Liu Ruyan with one hand!

And Liu Ruyan was hugging Kai’s neck tightly, her eyes filled with hot tears!

In the end, she even kissed Kai!

He didn’t think that Liu Ruyan would dare to do something so daring in front of so many Jade Tripod Sect disciples!

“Cough cough ……”

“Everyone turn around and close your eyes ……”

The Third Elder coughed twice in embarrassment and hurriedly ordered the Jade Tripod Sect disciples to all turn around and close their eyes not to watch!

Kai hugged Liu Ruyan and fell from mid-air, hurriedly pushing her away.

But Liu Ruyan did not get angry, but said with a happy face “Kai, you have been unconscious for several days, do you know how worried I was?”

“I’ve been in a coma for days?”

Kai didn’t expect that a vicious battle would make him so weak that he would be in a coma for days!

Kai sank his Qi into his Dantian and felt his strength, then was surprised to find that he had made a breakthrough!

“I’ve actually made a breakthrough?” Kai was in a state of shock!

He himself knew that for every small realm breakthrough, the resources required for him were enormous!

As the realm rose, the cultivation resources Kai would need would become more and more!

Kai did not understand how it was possible for him to make a breakthrough while he was in a coma.

Where did he get so many resources?


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