A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2747

The Jade Tripod Sect!

Liu Ruyan had personally taken care of Kai for days, and had given him all the best pills within the Jade Tripod Sect!

Only that Kai still hadn’t woken up, this great battle had almost emptied Kai’s body!

“Sovereign, has Mr. Chen not woken up yet?”

The Third Elder asked in a whisper to Liu Ruyan!

Liu Ruyan shook her head with a grave expression “He hasn’t woken up yet, after taking so many pills, I didn’t expect him to still be physically weak!”

“This doesn’t know how much this body of his can actually withstand.”

“If it was anyone else, if they ate so many high grade pills, their body would probably not be able to withstand it and burst to death!”

The Third Elder also sighed and said “Ai, Sovereign, now that all the high grade pills of our Jade Tripod Sect are gone, I have sent people to collect pills and also went to all the major sects and families to acquire resource medicinal materials!”

“But in refining a high grade elixir, it takes time, so Mr. Chen can only wait slowly!”

Hearing the words of the Third Elder, Liu Ruyan was silent for a moment, then seemed to make a decision and said “Third Elder, you go and open the Medicine Pavilion, and give the pills inside to Kai to eat ……”

When the Third Elder heard this, he was shocked and said, “Sovereign, the pills in the Hidden Pill Pavilion have rules that do not allow anyone to move them, they can only be visited for perception, if the pills in the Hidden Pill Pavilion are eaten, our Jade Tripod Sect will not have anything to observe and study in the future.”

“In that case, our Jade Tripod Sect’s pill refining skills will get worse and worse, and within a few hundred years, I’m afraid that it will fall completely out of favor and disappear into history.”

It turned out that the pills in the Jade Tripod Sect’s Hidden Pill Pavilion were meant to be observed and studied by the descendants of the Jade Tripod Sect, and were not allowed to be taken!

“Never mind that, I’m the clan master now, I’m in charge, I order you to go and fetch the pills from the Hidden Pill Pavilion immediately!”

Liu Ruyan said to the Third Elder with a stony face and in a commanding tone!

Seeing this, the Third Elder could only leave helplessly, and in a moment fetched three blackish pills!

These were the most precious pills in the Hidden Medicine Pavilion!

Liu Ruyan took the pills without hesitation and was about to feed them to Kai!

“Sovereign, as the saying goes, a medicine is poisonous in three parts, although this is my Jade Tripod Sect’s elixir, we don’t know how medicinal this elixir is.”

“If this elixir’s medicinal properties are too strong, I am afraid that Mr. Chen’s weak body won’t be able to withstand it!”

The Third Elder hurriedly persuaded Liu Ruyan!

Liu Ruyan hesitated, then fed an elixir into Kai’s mouth!

“I’ll feed it one by one, it shouldn’t be a big problem!”

Liu Ruyan watched as she observed Kai’s changes after feeding in an elixir!

Kai’s eyes were tightly closed at the moment and his body was motionless!

But on Kai’s dantian, a whirlpool, was frantically absorbing energy!

All those high grade pills that the Jade Tripod Sect had given Kai had been absorbed away by this vortex!

As Liu Ruyan fed him that one pill, the vortex slowly grew larger and the spiritual energy within Kai’s dantian was recovering at a speed visible to the naked eye!

But Kai did not wake up, nor did he change!

Seeing this, Liu Ruyan fed another pill to him!

And as this elixir went down, that vortex on Kai’s dantian gradually disappeared, and the demonic power within Kai’s body began to grow!

Seeing that there was still no response, Liu Ruyan gave Kai the last pill as well!

This elixir caused the beast race power within Kai’s body to start growing!

In a flash, with three pills down, the auras of all three races within Kai’s body were beginning to grow!

In the end, they fused into one, transforming into the power of the three races stored within Kai’s dantian!

Even the power of the divine dragon within Kai’s dragon crystal was instantly overflowing!

This shows just how powerful these three pills are!

As the power of the three clans swam through Kai’s body, Kai’s body began to transform as a faint glow wrapped around Kai’s entire body!

“Sovereign, there is a change in Mr. Chen’s body!”

The Third Elder rushed to say happily when he saw this!


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