A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2745

“Don’t worry, Princess, I’ll be gentle the first time ……”

With that, Huben began to step forward to undress Princess Isha!

Princess Isha’s tears, constantly gushing out, but Huben is oblivious, still excited, a little bit of undress!

Princess Isha’s clothes were about to be removed, revealing her most private parts, when a guard came in in a hurry!

“Great General, it’s not good, it’s not good ……”

The guard shouted in a panic!

Huben frowned, he was in the middle of a happy moment, but this guard stirred his excitement, so he kicked the guard out!

He kicked the guard out, and then he walked out and said, “Damn it, what’s the matter? Don’t you know I’m busy?”

“Great General, the Demon Emperor has been saved by Elder Pei, Lord Li has sent someone to call out to you, asking you to go after him!”

The guard said to Huben!

The first time Hu Ben heard this, he hurriedly looked inside the room and found that Isha did not hear him, so he said “I’m going, you keep an eye on this place, if you let the princess escape, I’ll kill you ……”

“Great General don’t worry ……”

The guards hurriedly said!

With Huben gone, Princess Isha saw that Huben was slow to move anymore, so she slowly got up and put her clothes back on!

She didn’t know why Huben had left in such a hurry, so she looked out twice!

At that moment the door of the room was suddenly thrown open and a girl of Isha’s age came rushing in!

“Princess ……”

The girl shouted at Isha!

“Iyi, what brings you here?”

Princess Isha looked at the girl with astonishment!

This girl was Elder Pei’s daughter, who had grown up following Princess Isha, and Princess Isha was curious as to how she had come to Huben’s mansion!

“Princess, the Demon Emperor has already escaped from the city, so you should also escape immediately, or else that Huben will be back in a while!”

Yi Yi said to Isha!

As soon as Isha heard that Yih’s demon emperor had escaped, her heart was immediately overjoyed “You should escape with me, this demon emperor city has been occupied by Huben, they will definitely not let you go!”

Yi Yi shook her head “Princess, I can’t go, the guards outside will be checking regularly, if they find the room empty, they will definitely look for you.”

“Now we will change our clothes, I will deceive the guards inside the room, you will escape from the back immediately, someone will meet you there!”

Isha, on hearing this, hurriedly said, “That won’t work, won’t you be …… then?”

I am not saying anything further, but anyone can think that if Huben comes back and finds out that Isha is not there, he will definitely be angry with Yi Yi!

“Princess, don’t hesitate, it will be too late!”

With that, Yi Yi followed Princess Isha and changed her clothes, then sent Princess Isha out from behind!

At this moment, in the mountain forest not far from the Demon Emperor City, corpses were strewn all over the place!

Elder Pei was bathed in blood, his breath rising, even though his body was covered in wounds, Elder Pei still stood, in order to buy more time for the Demon Emperor Yih to escape!

Huben and Li Xing looked at Elder Pei with rage in their eyes, if it wasn’t for Elder Pei, the Ikh Demon Emperor wouldn’t have been able to escape!

“Kill it for me ……”

Huben let out a furious cry, followed by another charge with his men, while Li Xing also swung his sword!

Although Elder Pei’s strength was higher than that of Huben and Li Xing, but in the face of so many people’s siege, Elder Pei finally collapsed!

Thousands of demon wolves, and Elder Pei’s corpse, lay silently in the mountain forest!

And by this time, the Ichthus Demon Emperor had already been carried by Lang Feng and ran hundreds of miles away!

“Demon Emperor, where are we going now?”

Lang Feng didn’t know where to go, in a situation like theirs, they definitely couldn’t stay in the beast territory!

But if they went to human territory and were discovered, they might be bullied too!

“Go to the Jade Tripod Sect ……”

The Ikh Demon Emperor knew that Kai was in the Jade Tripod Sect!

As long as he found Kai and had Kai cure the poison in his body, then the Ichthus Demon Emperor would have the strength to take back Demon Emperor City again!


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