A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2744

Princess Isha closes her eyes and tears slip down her face!

“Kai, if there is an afterlife, let me be by your side!”

Princess Isha knew that after she was defiled by Huben, it would be impossible for her to follow Kai!

“Issa, Issa …………”

Watching Princess Isha being carried away by Huben, the Ichthus Demon Emperor shouted, but to no avail!

Soon Princess Isha disappeared in Huben’s arms!

Ichabod was in tears, because of his carelessness, he had now caused his daughter to become like this!

“Li Xing, you kill me ……”

The Ikh Demon Emperor didn’t want to live anymore either, so he looked at Knight Star and said!

“Don’t worry, there is no way I will let you live, it’s not a good feeling to be betrayed by the person you trust the most, is it?”

“The huge Demon Emperor City has been taken down by me without a single soldier, I wonder how happy my father will be when he finds out.”

Li Xing had a spring in his step!

But at that moment, Elder Pei’s face flashed coldly as a terrifying aura suddenly erupted!

A tornado instantly leveled off from the city walls, and many people were blown to the east and west by this sudden burst of breath!

Even that Knight Star was unprepared and was instantly blown to the ground!

“Demon Emperor, go ……”

Elder Pei grabbed the Demon Emperor’s wrist and leapt off that city wall with a long leap!

Just now both the Ichthus Demon Emperor and Princess Isha were there, Elder Pei hadn’t made a move because he didn’t know who to save, besides his own daughter was still within the imperial city!

Now that Princess Isha had been carried away by Huben, and that Ichthus Demon Emperor’s life was in danger, Elder Pei gritted his teeth and saved Ichthus Demon Emperor!

He knew that after saving the Ikh Demon Emperor, his own daughter would be in grave danger, but he had no choice!

“Damn it, still trying to run ……”

Seeing this, Li Xing also leapt down after him “Give me chase ……”

Instantly, countless beast soldiers and beast generals chased towards Yih Demon Emperor and Elder Pei!

“Demon Emperor, you go first, I’ll stop them ……”

Elder Pei said to the Ichthus Demon Emperor!

Yih Demon Emperor looked at Elder Pei and said with a gloomy face “Elder Pei take care ……”

Yih Demon Emperor knew that Elder Pei was planning to sacrifice himself to buy him time!

Elder Pei nodded, and then turned to meet Li Xing and the others!

The Ikh Demon Emperor’s strength was greatly damaged, even if he ran, he wouldn’t be able to run fast enough!

But at that moment, a sudden burst of terrifying wolf whistles rang out!

Lang Feng appeared at the head of thousands of demon wolves.

“Lord Demon Emperor, ride on my back ……”

Lang Feng transformed into an immense demon wolf and said to the Ikh Demon Emperor!

Seeing Lang Feng, the Ichthus Demon Emperor’s heart fluttered with joy and he hurriedly sat on it!

With a wolf whistle from Lang Feng, thousands of demon wolves charged towards Li Xing and the others!

Lang Feng was allowing his pack to buy time again!

These demon wolves were no where near as strong as those defenders within the Demon Emperor City!

The defenders of Demon Emperor City plus the people from Ming Li King City brought by Li Xing now numbered tens of thousands!

While on Yih’s side, there were only Elder Pei with thousands of demon wolves, so it was obvious that there was an unequal strength!

But knowing that it was death, no matter if it was Elder Pei or the thousands of demon wolves, none of them retreated!

The demon emperor of Yih was being carried by Lang Feng, and was speeding off into the distance!

Seeing this, Li Xing roared and leapt after him, but was forced back by Elder Pei with a slap!

Li Xing looked at Elder Pei with a face of anger, and then said to the people around him, “Go and call for Huben, the others will kill ……”

In an instant, the sound of killing in the mountain forest outside Demon Emperor City shook the sky!

And at this time, Huben, already can’t wait to put Princess Isha into bed!

Princess Isha’s eyes were tightly closed, she didn’t dare to look at Huben, she could only clench her teeth to death and wait for the invasion to come!

She didn’t dare to resist, after all, her father was still in Huben’s hands, and if she resisted and angered him, then the Ichthus Demon Emperor would be in danger!

Huben looked at the motionless Princess Isha, his whole being already excited to the core!


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