A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2743

Hearing Huben’s words, a few moments of panic finally appeared on the face of the Ichthus Demon Emperor, for he did feel that there was no way he could exert his strength, and that he was being suppressed to death by a wave of something!

“Huben, thanks to my father having so much trust in you, how dare you plot against us, you’re so shameless ……”

Isha endured the severe pain, slowly got up, and cursed at Huben!

The first time I heard Princess Isha cursing herself, Huben became angry and said, “Humph, I have come to this point, all because of you, I like you for so long, but you like a human, not even like me.”

“I am not willing, I must get you, I will make you willingly scream under me ……”

Isha’s face turned red with anger as she listened to Huben’s tigerish words!

“I pooh, even if I die, I can’t be with you, you’re not worthy at all!”

Isha cursed at Huben!

“Is that so? I’m not worthy?”

Huben smiled coldly “If you don’t say yes to me, then our beloved Demon Emperor will have to leave you!”

Huben said, the longsword in his hand slightly exerted force, and a bloodstain instantly appeared on the neck of the Ikh Demon Emperor!

“Don’t …………”

Seeing this scene, Princess Isha was shocked and hurriedly shouted out!

“Well? Now that I’ve asked you to come with me and serve me well, will you say yes?”

Huben looked at Isha playfully, his face full of smugness!

Princess Isha didn’t say anything, her eyes were furiously staring at Huben, if her eyes could kill, Huben would have died ten thousand times by now!

“Isha, leave me alone, and don’t you promise him either.”

“Elder Pei, I order you to take the princess and escape at once, quickly ……”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor ordered at Elder Pei!

At this time, the Ikh Demon Emperor only hoped that Isha would be alive and would not be spoiled by Huben.

But Elder Pei did not dare to move, after all, the Ikh Demon Emperor was still in Huben’s hands, if he moved, the Ikh Demon Emperor’s head would be chopped off in an instant!

“Damn it, shut the hell up ……”

Huben punched the Ikh Demon Emperor in the face!

The once high and mighty Ikh Demon Emperor, who ruled over the entire Demon Emperor City, was now a prisoner, being beaten by his most trusted subordinate!

“Huben, stop, you stop ……”

Seeing this, Princess Isha hurriedly shouted to stop!

“Princess, how are you thinking? If you promise me, I guarantee that the demon emperor will be fine, and when the time comes, you will still live within the imperial city, so you don’t have to worry about food, clothing and shelter.”

Huben asked as he turned to Princess Isha!

Looking at the bruised and battered Yih Demon Emperor, Princess Isha nodded with tears in her eyes “Okay, I promise you ……”

Princess Isha can’t hold on, if she continues, maybe the Ichthus demon emperor will really be killed by Huben.

“Hahahaha, those who know the times are the best, aren’t you much better off with me than with that Kai?”

“At least you and I are of the same kind, I will let you experience the pleasure of a woman!”

When Huben saw that Princess Isha had agreed, a lustful light instantly erupted from his eyes, and after handing the Ichthus Demon Emperor over to the control of his men, he walked towards Princess Isha step by step!

“Isha, don’t say yes to him, it’s me who has harmed you, it’s me who has harmed you.”

“I should have listened to you last night and not gone to that dinner party.”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor regretted it, but it was too late to say anything!

Last night Isha had sensed that something was wrong, but the Ichthus Demon Emperor trusted Huben and felt that Huben would not do something treacherous!

But now, what Huben had done was a slap in the face!

“Huben, I hope you will keep your word, I promise you, you must not harm my father either.”

Princess Isha looked at Huben and said!

“Don’t worry Princess, you and I are together, the Demon Emperor is my father-in-law, how could I possibly hurt my father-in-law!”

After finishing his sentence, Huben directly picked up Princess Isha with one arm and slowly walked towards the city gate down!


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