A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2741

Early the next morning.

Ih was awakened by the noise, then faced with displeasure, “What people, outside the noisy, still let me sleep ……”

“Demon Emperor, it’s not good, it’s not good ……”

Elder Pei ran into the bedchamber of demon emperor Yih with a face full of anxiety!

You know that this place cannot be entered without a summons from the Ikh Demon Emperor, but today Elder Pei barged in!

“Elder Pei, what’s happening?”

Seeing Elder Pei’s anxious look, the Ichthus Demon Emperor knew that something must have happened!

“Demon Emperor, something big is wrong, that Li Xing has brought along many soldiers from Ming Li King City and has started attacking our Demon Emperor City ……”

Elder Pei said!


Upon hearing this, the Ichthus Demon Emperor instantly sprang up from his bed and then asked “Is that Li Xing the only one leading the troops? Did King Li come?”

“That is not seen, right now General Huben is at the city gate with his men to resist!”

Elder Pei replied!

When Yih Demon Emperor heard this, he was slightly relieved and said “Our two families haven’t had such a big conflict for many years, what does this Knight Star want?”

“If his father hadn’t stepped in, with his strength, would he still be able to take my Demon Emperor City with his men?”

Ihe Demon Emperor did not believe that with Li Xing’s ability, he could bring his men to take down his Demon Emperor City!

If that was the case, he would not have to be a demon emperor anymore!

“Father, what’s wrong …………”

Princess Isha also got up at this time and asked, listening to the noise outside!

“That Knight Star has brought people to attack our Demon Emperor City.”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor said!

“What? Has he gone crazy? Is he going to attack our Demon Emperor City just because I won’t marry him?”

Princess Isha was surprised, she didn’t expect this Knight Star to be so daring!

“Let’s put it aside for now, let’s go out and see what’s going on.”

“If it’s this Knight Star who is harbouring a grudge and led an impulsive attack on my Demon Emperor City, I’ll punish him and forget it.”

“But if it’s a long-planned attack and that Knight King knows about it, then this time it’s an official declaration of war between us and Ming Li King City!”

The Ikh Demon Emperor led Princess Isha towards the city gates!

At this moment, outside the wide city gates, Knight Star was leading a black mass of soldiers and generals, and sitting on Knight Star, an elephant that was more than ten meters tall, was constantly hissing!

And Huben was leading the Imperial City guards, all standing at attention, facing each other!

When Huben saw that the demon emperor had arrived, he hurriedly said, “Demon emperor, it is too dangerous here, you should go back to the palace!”

“What’s so dangerous, if only that Knight Star comes, what can he do to me ……”

The demon emperor of Yih said with a cold smile, not caring!

Standing on top of the city wall, Ichthus Demon Emperor looked at Knight Star below and said with a cold face “Knight Star, since you dare to bring troops to attack my Demon Emperor City, is this your father’s intention?”

“Of course, you old thing, going back on your word and making a fool of my Ming Li King City, how could my father possibly swallow this.” Li Xing snorted coldly!

“Li Xing, how dare you talk about my father like that, do you believe I will kill you?”

Princess Isha was furious when she saw that Knight Star had actually called the Ikh Demon Emperor an old thing!

“Hahahaha, just you want to kill me too? Can’t you see that my men have surrounded your entire Demon Emperor City?”

Li Xing laughed out loud with a smug look on his face!

“Li Xing, no matter how many people you bring, if I want to kill you, it would only be a matter of breathing!”

“I’m giving you a chance now, bring your men out immediately, if you wait for me to get angry, none of you will be able to leave!”

“With this number of people, you want to attack my Demon Emperor City, you are simply delusional!”

If he wanted to kill Li Xing, he could have done it now, even if Li Xing had brought so many soldiers and generals, but in the eyes of Emperor Yih, they were all mere ants!


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