A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2739

“Shit, it’s so f*cking unfair …………”

General Qi was inwardly unconvinced, why should Kai have so many treasures!

The battle between the two still continued, but Kai was panicking inside at this moment, all this consuming was not the way to go at all!

“Looks like we’ll just have to use it ……”

Kai murmured, then his body retreated backwards, directly withdrawing from the battle, leaving those fierce beasts to entangle General Qi!

And Kai closed his eyes slightly, put away the Dragon Chopping Sword, and brought his palms towards his head, slowly lifting it up!

The crowd looked at Kai’s movement and wondered what Kai was up to, to withdraw from the battle at such a critical moment!

Rumble …………

Suddenly, a thunderous sound rang out in the sky, followed by a huge palm print slowly appearing above the crowd’s heads!

In the middle of the palm print, black clouds were dense and lightning was constantly streaking across it!

The huge palm print was slowly descending, and everyone could feel the terrifying aura within the huge palm print!

“Running Thunder Palm? You …… how do you know the Running Thunder Palm?”

General Qi glanced up and his eyes were instantly filled with fear!

He didn’t expect that Kai would know an ancient mastery like the Running Thunder Palm!

Just as General Qi was distracted, several fierce beasts instantly swarmed around him, directly surrounding General Qi in the middle!

Seeing this, Kai hurriedly manipulated the Dragon Pattern Bell to fly over, and then the huge Dragon Pattern Bell fell fiercely, enveloping General Qi and the beasts!

“Buzz buzz buzz …………”

General Qi, trapped within the Dragon Tattooed Bell, was instantly alarmed and kept pounding away, causing the Dragon Tattooed Bell to make a buzzing sound!

Kai ignored it and instead slapped his palm towards the Dragon Tattooed Bell, and at this moment, a lightning bolt slid down from the huge palm print above his head, followed by an explosive thunderclap!

The palm slapped fiercely against the Dragon Tattooed Bell, making a deafening sound!

With lightning and thunder, the Running Thunder Palm landed on the Dragon Tattooed Bell, instantly penetrating it and striking General Qi’s body fiercely!

General Qi was trapped in the Dragon Tattooed Bell, there was no way to dodge it even if he was fast, plus the Dragon Tattooed Bell emitted a humming sound that shook General Qi’s internal organs!

A mouthful of blood gushed out and General Qi fell to the ground with eyes full of resignation, his internal organs had already been crushed!

The only thing that happened was that several beasts inside the dragon bell had already died, but it didn’t matter to Kai, he would just take a few beasts and put them inside the Eight Heavenly Desolate Rulers!

Seeing that there was no more movement inside the Dragon Tattoo Clock, Kai put it away and saw General Qi’s corpse, eyes wide open, falling to the ground unwillingly!

With General Qi dead, everyone in the Jade Tripod Sect breathed a sigh of relief, even Kai took a long breath.

And Hu Yixiao looked at General Qi’s corpse and his whole body was dumbfounded!

Kai withdrew the formation, put away all the divine weapons and looked coldly at Hu Yixiao.

“Hu Yixiao, will you let me kill you, or will you kill yourself?”

Kai asked!

Hu Yixiao’s face was extremely ugly, and after his eyes rolled around, he fiercely turned around and ran!

There was no way he was going to stand by and wait for death!

As soon as Hu Yixiao ran, the beast soldiers followed suit and fled for their lives!

Seeing this, the Third Elder led his men to give chase, but was stopped by Kai!

After stopping the Third Elder, Kai’s face turned white and a mouthful of blood instantly spurted out!

Kai’s body also fell backwards heavily at that moment!

After the battle with General Qi, Kai had used all his means to barely kill him, and Kai himself was almost depleted, his body weakened to the extreme!

“Mr. Chen …………”

“Kai …………”

The Third Elder and Liu Ruyan and the others kept shouting, but Kai’s eyes were tightly closed and he didn’t move a muscle!

“Third Elder, immediately go and bring all the high grade pills from the Jade Tripod Sect.”

“Kai is the result of too much spiritual energy consumption and weakness, let him recover as soon as possible!”

Liu Ruyan hurriedly ordered to the Third Elder!

Immediately afterwards, they had the crowd carry Kai into Liu Ruyan’s boudoir, Liu Ruyan had to take care of Kai personally!


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