A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2738

Soon, the void around them began to twist and distort, followed by the appearance of a pillar of light, which then crisscrossed, surprisingly enveloping the figures of Kai and General Qi!

This was a spell formation that Kai had laid down, General Qi was a cheetah, and his greatest skill was speed, so Kai had to find a way to imprison the space where the fight was taking place!

If the space was infinite, it would have been difficult for Kai to catch General Qi’s figure, for with his beast blood, his speed had reached a perverse level, like instantaneous movement!

General Qi looked at the cage-like pillar of light around him and suddenly his face changed, “You’re actually a formation master too?”

“I know a lot of things, I’ll let you see them all today!”

Kai had a cold look on his face, followed by an outburst of the power of the divine dragon and the buzzing of the Dragon Cutting Sword.

And on top of the Dragon Cutting Sword, a flame rose up, a flame that burned, although this flame was not big, but the scorching heat made people feel like they were suffocating!

Kai was using the Devil’s Flame on the Dragon Slashing Sword. With the sword maneuver plus the Flame, and the Dragon Pattern Bell attacking in mid-air at any time, Kai did not believe that he could not control General Qi!

“Hmph, you know quite a lot of things, except that the difference in strength between us is not something that can be bridged by a few weapons and secret techniques.”

General Qi snorted coldly!

Kai ignored him, but cut out with his sword, its aura laced with to fire, heading straight for General Qi, and the dragon patterned bell above his head was looming down towards General Qi!

But General Qi did not panic, seeing that the sword maneuver had reached his eyes and the dragon bell had reached his head, General Qi’s figure had disappeared slowly!

Kai’s sword fell short, and when he looked at General Qi, he had already reached the other side!

“Hahahaha, it’s useless, you can’t even touch me!”

General Qi laughed, for his speed was so fast that he had disappeared, but in the eyes of the others, the figure of General Qi was still in place!

That was why this was the case, Kai’s attack fell short!

Seeing this, Kai could only recall the Dragon Tattooed Bell, which hovered above his head, and the power within the Dragon Tattooed Bell continuously enveloped Kai, giving him protection!

Faced with such a speedy General Qi, Kai frowned slightly, he wanted to use the Nine Shadows Sword Technique, so that he could take up multiple positions, no matter where that General Qi ran to, Kai would be able to attack at the first opportunity!

But the Nine Shadows Sword Technique was too spiritually draining, Kai was afraid that he would not be able to support it for long!

Just when Kai was at a loss for words, he suddenly remembered the Eight Heavenly Desolation Ruler, and with a sudden flash of light, he hurriedly took out the Eight Heavenly Desolation Ruler, and along with the gems on it, a fierce beast appeared!

The hissing of the fierce beasts made the entire mountain range where the Jade Tripod Sect was located, seem to boil!

Seeing the sudden appearance of the fierce beasts, General Qi’s expression was frozen, he did not expect Kai to have a divine weapon that he had not yet used!

“Strike ……”

Kai commanded the fierce beasts to attack General Qi, and Kai himself was armed with a sword!

All at once, in the middle of the formation, various shadows crisscrossed, and no one was able to see the battle within!

Kai relied on his weapons and his fire to fight General Qi to a draw and not to defeat him!

But Kai knew that unleashing so many divine weapons, together with the Supreme Fire, would be a huge drain on Kai’s spiritual energy, and he didn’t know how long he could hold on to them!

General Qi’s face was also filled with horror at this moment, as the defender of Ming Li King City, he did not even have a decent divine weapon in his hands!

But Kai, a newly promoted Merged Body realm cultivator, had so many divine weapons!

The Dragon Cutting Sword, the Dragon Pattern Bell, the Eight Qian Desolate Ruler, the Supreme Fire …………


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