A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2737

The crowd could clearly feel that General Qi’s terrifying power had reached unprecedented heights as he impacted!

Seeing this, Kai took a deep breath and went, with General Qi’s beast blood augmentation, his strength had far exceeded his expectations, Kai dared not hold back any more!

Buzz …………

Space shook, and immediately above Kai’s head, a huge bell appeared, and a terrifying wave of Qi rose to the sky, then wrapped Kai tightly!

The Dragon Tattooed Bell appeared, and the aura emanating from within the Dragon Tattooed Bell enveloped Kai so tightly that the entire void became trembling due to the appearance of the Dragon Tattooed Bell!

Everyone present could not help but look at the Dragon Tattooed Bell above Kai’s head, each in shock!

The Third Elder and the others had seen Kai use the Dragon Tattooed Bell, and it was because of this Dragon Tattooed Bell that Kai had subdued the ultimate demonic beast within the Eight Qian Desolate Rulers at that time!

General Qi looked at the Dragon Tattooed Bell above Kai’s head and frowned in disbelief, for he could clearly feel that this Dragon Tattooed Bell contained a beastly aura within it!

“Kill …………”

Kai shouted, the Dragon Cutting Sword once again appeared in Kai’s hand, and at this moment, the Dragon Cutting Sword in Kai’s hand swung out towards General Qi!

At the same time, a powerful force erupted from the Dragon Pattern Bell above his head, tightly enveloping Kai and giving him a powerful protection!


Kai’s sword mane and General Qi ruthlessly collided with each other, erupting with a deafening sound!

After the explosion, the terrifying force caused the earth to crumble, sending sand and rocks gushing out in all directions!

The huge impact caused the surrounding houses to collapse instantly!

“Quickly dodge …………”

The Third Elder shouted and hurriedly retreated backwards!

Many others were lucky enough to fend it off, but some were still lifted straight out by the shockwave!

Even Hu Yixiao and those beast soldiers weren’t spared!

In a flash, many people were spitting blood and flying far away, caught in the aftermath of this terrifying battle!

All of them looked shocked, as it was difficult for them to face the aftermath of the battle alone, let alone defend themselves against it!

At this moment, the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan understood why Kai had not allowed them to come forward to help!

At this moment, debris was shooting through the air, the earth trembled, and a ravine appeared!

The crowd kept retreating backwards, and amidst the loud rumbling sounds, the crowd could no longer see the battle between Kai and General Qi!

“Buzz …………”

There was a loud bang, like the sound of something hitting hard on top of a bell!

When the smoke cleared, the crowd realised that it was General Qi who had broken through Kai’s sword mane and smashed his fist hard into Kai’s body!

But because Kai had the power of the Dragon Tattooed Bell protecting his body, it was only because this fist seemed to have struck the Dragon Tattooed Bell that it made a buzzing sound!

Even with the power of the Dragon Tattooed Bell protecting his body, Kai still felt his internal organs keep rolling over and his face turned ugly!

General Qi also frowned, he did not expect that with his own beast blood augmentation, this punch had not been able to do anything to Kai.

General Qi looked up at the dragon patterned bell, he knew that Kai was fine, it must be because of this dragon patterned bell!

Just as General Qi looked up at the Dragon Patterned Bell, the Dragon Patterned Bell suddenly grew larger and came towards him immediately afterwards!

Seeing this, General Qi’s face was shocked and his body jerked backwards to avoid the dragon bell!

Although he didn’t know what kind of weapon this dragon bell was, he knew that if he was enveloped in it, he would definitely have no luck!

General Qi’s body transformed into a cheetah, moving so swiftly that the crowd couldn’t even see General Qi’s shadow!

Kai frowned slightly as a burst of spiritual energy instantly erupted from his body, and he mouthed the words.


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