A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2736

“Beast blood enchanted?”

“Mr. Chen, this guy is inspiring the beast blood enchantment, you should be careful.”

Seeing this, the Third Elder hurriedly said loudly to Kai!

“Beast blood enchantment?” Kai was bewildered all the way, not really knowing what kind of technique this was!

“Mr. Chen, Beast Blood Enchanting is a secret technique that burns the ancestral essence blood in their bodies to increase their combat power.”

“These beast races will more or less retain a portion of the genetic essence blood in their ancestors in their bodies, and burning this portion of essence blood can instantly increase their combat power.”

“However, the consequence of this will make them not increase their strength, and there are even people who have regressed in strength and died of depression because they have burned their ancestral essence blood!”

The Third Elder followed Kai as he introduced!

As soon as Kai heard this, he instantly understood that this was the same as humans burning their essence blood!

“Kai, I will make you die, even if I sacrifice my life, I cannot disgrace the name of my ancestors!”

Along with General Qi’s roar, the runes in mid-air, instantly fell onto General Qi’s body, followed by the runes following every inch of General Qi’s skin in rapid fusion, from a distance, the dense runes, like worms wriggling on General Qi’s body!

At this moment, General Qi’s aura was surging wildly, and all the people of the Jade Tripod Sect could feel the pressure from this General Qi!

The beast soldiers, on the other hand, looked at General Qi with reverence, knowing that not every beast race could be enchanted with beast blood, and although the enchanting of beast blood would completely destroy their cultivation, it also represented the unyielding and sacrificial spirit of the beast race!

“Mr. Chen, we’ve come to help you, I’m afraid you’re no match for this alone!”

The Third Elder as well as Liu Ruyan and the others came forward!

Seeing this, Hu Yixiao also led the beast soldiers to stride forward, a fight was about to begin!

“Stand back, with your strength, I’m afraid you won’t even be able to get close enough to lean forward!”

Kai waved his hand, making the Third Elder and the rest of them retreat!

Listening to Kai’s words, everyone in the Jade Tripod Sect didn’t feel bad, because they knew that what Kai said was the truth, if a fight really broke out, with the kind of strength General Qi had, there was really no way for them to lean forward!

Liu Ruyan looked at Kai at this moment, her heart filled with worry!

“Sovereign, I believe in Mr. Chen, he will definitely be fine.”

At this moment, Nie Heng spoke up.

In Nie Heng’s eyes, Kai had become the representative of omnipotence, Kai could overcome anything!

Liu Ruyan nodded, looking at Kai’s not so tall figure, but at that moment it was filled with a domineering aura that looked proudly at heaven and earth, no one could stop it between heaven and earth, that was Kai’s pride from his bones, even if General Qi’s beast blood was added, Kai still didn’t take it into consideration!

But at this moment, only Kai himself knew that General Qi’s strength was growing rapidly under the blessing of the beast’s blood, and Kai was not sure!

But he could not show a hint of panic now, he was the backbone of the Jade Tripod Sect, if he showed panic, then the many disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect would be in chaos too!

Buzz …………

A trembling in the void, the runes on General Qi’s body stopped, a light enveloped General Qi’s body, and at this moment, the aura on General Qi’s body had been raised to a terrifying level!

“Kai, you forced my beast blood to be enchanted, I will make your life worse than death ……”

The voice of General Qi, who had been enchanted by the beast’s blood, became incomparably rude and buzzed like thunder!

General Qi’s face was even more hideous, looking very terrifying!

“Do it, I’ve heard enough of your big words ……”

Kai said with a look of disdain!

“Go to hell ……”

General Qi roared, followed by a stamp of his right foot, the whole earth trembled, then his body was like a ball of fire, heading straight for Kai!


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