A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2735

But it was this terrifying punch that was easily cut through by Kai’s sword!

General Qi was shocked and hurriedly withdrew his hand to block, if he didn’t withdraw his hand, he was afraid that he would be directly cut in half by Kai’s sword!

Clang …………

There was a loud sound as the sword maneuver chopped on top of General Qi’s exploding shield, and the tremendous recoil caused General Qi to instantly retreat backwards!

But before he could stabilise his form, another sword mane from Kai arrived!

General Qi hastily waved his hands, forming a shield in front of himself over and over again, blocking Kai’s attack!

But the result was still the same, General Qi’s body kept retreating while Kai’s attacks kept coming, one after another, one sword mane after another!

In the end, General Qi was once again knocked to the ground and rolled far away.

Only when he saw that General Qi had been beaten to death did Kai stop, and this time he looked at General Qi with his sword in his hand and said, “What? Have you been careless this time?”

With these words, General Qi’s face instantly turned red, while Liu Ruyan and the others laughed out loud!

Seeing how easily and comfortably Kai dealt with General Qi, Liu Ruyan and the Third Elder all relaxed and watched as Kai beat General Qi up!

Hu Yixiao and the Beast Soldiers of the Ming Li King City watched as General Qi rolled back like he did last time, and their faces looked as ugly as if they had eaten flies!

General Qi slowly climbed up, the redness on his face receding, turning blue and white for a while, his eyes filled with a fierce look!

“General Qi, you’re still careless, that Kai has a weapon but you have bare hands, isn’t that a clear loss?”

Hu Yixiao once again thought of a reason to try and save face for General Qi!

But the crowd wasn’t stupid, General Qi, a fifth-ranked Harmony Realm cultivator, could easily deal with a newly promoted Harmony Realm cultivator even with his bare hands and fists, but in this situation now, it was clear that General Qi was not as skilled as others!

“However, without a weapon, I do have a bit of a disadvantage, and that Kai is holding the Dragon Chopping Sword, a divine weapon, if I didn’t have a divine weapon, I’d beat the shit out of him!”

General Qi knew that Hu Yixiao was trying to save face for himself, so he went along with it!

“You think it was my Dragon Cutting Sword that defeated you?” Kai smiled coldly, then with a wave of his hand, the Dragon Cutting Sword disappeared “In that case, how about I don’t use the Dragon Cutting Sword, I’ll use my bare hands too?”

This approach of Kai instantly caused General Qi to freeze, he had never expected that Kai would do this!

“Kai, how dare you humiliate me? I will kill you ……”

General Qi roared!

“Hahahaha, so what if I humiliate you? You’ve just said kill me several times, but I’m still standing here in good health all the same?” Kai laughed out loud with a mocking face!

Hearing Kai’s words, General Qi was so angry that he almost vomited blood, now that he was being watched by so many people, and there were also many beast soldiers under his command, he had completely lost his face!

“Kai, you have completely angered me, I will let you know the consequences ……”

General Qi gritted his teeth, his eyes narrowed slightly, his face was fierce and full of killing intent!

“I just keep provoking you ah, if you have any more tricks, just use them, even if I don’t use the Dragon Chopping Sword, I can still beat the crap out of you just the same.”

“If you don’t want to die in disgrace, then explode your own body and die, that way we can still hear the sound, and you’ll deserve to die!”

Kai was still irritating and taunting General Qi!

General Qi couldn’t stand it any longer, he seemed grateful that his lungs were about to explode, so he roared out and the runes on his body instantly flew into mid-air, followed by several golden lights shining on General Qi’s body, which began to tremble incessantly!


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