A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2734

But just as General Qi kept retreating, before he could steady himself, Kai’s attack was launched again!

The terrifying sword swung out once again, driving straight at General Qi!

General Qi was shocked and enraged that he was being forced to retreat repeatedly by Kai, a newly promoted Merged Body practitioner, without a chance to catch his breath, leaving him at a disadvantage!

“Ah …………”

General Qi roared furiously, and with the roar, an invisible barrier instantly appeared!


Kai’s sword aura ruthlessly blasted against the barrier, and the huge sword aura easily tore the barrier apart!

The terrifying force caused General Qi to lose his weight and tumble out against the ground, flying a dozen metres before he could barely stop!

At this moment, General Qi looked extremely distressed!

General Qi was a fifth-ranked Harmony Realm practitioner, so his strength was not necessary to say, otherwise he would not have become the defender of Ming Li King City!

But such a man was not even able to fight back under Kai’s attack, and was directly beaten and crawled!

Hu Yixiao only felt that his mind was not enough, Kai was only a newly promoted Merged Body realm cultivator, how could this happen!

At this moment, Kai, with his sword in one hand, looked coldly at General Qi and said “Didn’t you ask me to see something? Is it just to see the people of your Ming Li King City get their asses kicked?”

Kai had a playful look on his face, he did not have the slightest bit of goodwill towards Ming Li King City!

First, his divine King’s Bow was stolen by the Mole of Ming Li King City, followed by that Li Xing who targeted him at every turn, and even tried to unite with Huben to kill him!

Now it was Hu Yixiao who led the people of Ming Li King City to attack the Jade Tripod Sect, all of which had shown that Ming Li King City was Kai’s enemy!

Since they were enemies, there was no need for Kai to be polite!

Kai’s words were like a huge slap in that General Qi’s face, making him furious!

In General Qi’s eyes, Kai was just a newly promoted Merged Body realm cultivator, an insignificant little character, and he didn’t give Kai a second thought!

Even when Kai had defeated Hu Yixiao, General Qi had never taken Kai seriously, but now this little character, whom he despised, had caused him to lose face and fall on his face!

“General Qi, this fellow Kai may not seem to be of a high realm, but his strength is unfathomable, you must not be careless!”

Hu Yixiao hurriedly said to General Qi!

Hu Yixiao said this, also to save face for General Qi, so that the defeat he had just suffered could be said to be caused by General Qi’s own carelessness!

“Don’t worry, I won’t be careless again, if I hadn’t been careless just now, I wouldn’t have been forced to fumble by him to the point of falling to the ground!”

“It won’t happen this time ……”

After General Qi finished speaking, his entire body instantly stomped, and the man was like a departing see, smashing his fist at Kai!

The terrifying fist wind whistled, while Kai surfaced with a touch of mockery, pointing the Dragon Cutting Sword forward in his hand, without even giving General Qi a glance!

Whether General Qi was careless or not, Kai was not afraid at all!

What’s more, Kai still had the Dragon Cutting Sword in his hand, and General Qi had his bare hands and fists, so Kai was even less afraid!

When General Qi saw Kai’s mocking face, he became even more furious, and his terrifying fist wind instantly locked Kai in a deadly grip!

And Kai waved his Dragon Cutting Sword, and a flash of golden light instantly shot out from the Dragon Cutting Sword!

This sword mane was so sharp that it instantly cut through the fist wind, piercing through the blockage of the fist wind and heading straight for General Qi!

General Qi was instantly shocked to see this, he had already exploded his full strength at this moment, this punch would have destroyed the whole Jade Tripod Sect!


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