A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2733

“Do you still dare to look down on me, a newly promoted Merged Body realm cultivator, now?”

Kai looked at Hu Yixiao with a cold smile on his face!

“I see, Liu Ruyan was able to become the Patriarch and the Second Elder was able to be killed, it must be because of you!”

Hu Yixiao figured out that if the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan and the others were strong, there was no way they could have defeated the Second Elder and those demonic cultivators!

It must have been because of Kai’s appearance that Liu Ruyan was able to win!

“You understand too late, today you will die under the sharp swords of the crowd, just like the Second Elder!”

Kai said slowly!

“Hahahaha, you look down on me too much, although you can defeat me, but I have invited the Great General of Ming Li King City this time, General Qi is at the fifth rank of the Combined Body Realm, I don’t believe that you can still defeat him!”

“General Qi, please help me kill this guy, and when I take down the Jade Tripod Sect, all kinds of pills and resources of the Jade Tripod Sect will be at General Qi’s disposal!”

Hu Yi Xiao looked to General Qi and promised benefits!

Upon hearing that he could enjoy the Jade Tripod Sect’s pills resources at will, General Qi’s face instantly revealed a greedy look!

“No problem, a mere newly promoted merging realm strength, although this fellow is able to fight across levels, I don’t believe that he can still defeat me.”

General Qi said as he took a fierce step forward!

With this step, General Qi’s terrifying aura instantly changed the colour of heaven and earth, and an invisible pressure caused the crowd of the Jade Tripod Sect to feel their breath stagnate, and they all looked pained!

Feeling the aura bursting out from General Qi’s body, the corners of Kai’s mouth lifted, followed by a big wave of his hand!

A huge spiritual force instantly defeated General Qi’s aura, and the people of the Jade Tripod Sect felt a sense of relief!

“Kid, you really have two tricks up your sleeve ……”

General Qi’s eyes faintly stared.

“Whether there are two strokes or not, it’s more than enough to kill you ……”

Kai sneered!

“What a wild tone, looks like I’ll have to show you!”

As General Qi finished speaking, his body instantly charged towards Kai like a fierce beast!

As General Qi charged towards Kai, his body actually transformed into a cheetah in an instant, the void around him began to tremble as General Qi passed through the void and arrived in front of Kai in an instant!

This astonishing scene instantly left the crowd dumbfounded, to be able to cross the void, it was evident that the opponent’s speed had reached the extreme!

“Kai, be careful ……”

Liu Ruyan shouted, she knew that Kai must be under a lot of pressure against an opponent of the fifth rank of the Combined Body realm!

But Kai smiled faintly at Liu Ruyan, and made a reassuring gesture, looking like he didn’t even put this General Qi in his eyes!

Seeing Kai’s relaxed and comfortable look, General Qi became even more furious!

“Fist of Ten Thousand Talismans ……”

General Qi shouted, his whole body lit up with runes, and his fist was even densely covered with runes as he threw a punch at Kai!

“Still a rune master ……”

The corners of Kai’s mouth lifted, and the Chopping Dragon Sword instantly appeared in his hand, blocking directly in front of him!


The heavens and the earth shook, the sun and the moon had no light!

Both men retreated three steps backwards at the same time under this blow!

This blow was a tie, but General Qi, as the attacker, was clearly losing!

General Qi’s brow furrowed as he looked incredulously at the Dragon Cutting Sword in Kai’s hand “Dragon Cutting Sword? A divine weapon of the Weaponry Refining Sect?”

“No wonder it was able to block a punch from me ……”

General Qi actually recognized the Dragon Cutting Sword in Kai’s hand!

Kai also didn’t expect that this General Qi, a demonic beast, would even recognize the Dragon Chopper Sword!

“I didn’t expect you to know the Zenglong Sword, but it’s an honour to let you die under the Zenglong Sword!”

As Kai finished speaking, he took a step out and the Dragon Chopping Sword slashed in one smooth motion, a huge sword mane heading straight for General Qi!

General Qi was probably afraid of the power of the Chopping Dragon Sword, so he hurriedly waved a fist to resist, but his body retreated repeatedly!

Seeing General Qi being forced backwards by Kai’s sword, Hu Yixiao’s face was incomparably ugly!


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