A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2730

“Master, you can’t break this Mountain Protection Formation!”

Nie Heng hurriedly said!

“What’s wrong? If I don’t break the formation, how am I going to lead people into the Jade Tripod Sect?”

Hu Yixiao said in a daze!

“Master, this Jade Tripod Sect will be yours sooner or later, anything you destroy in the Jade Tripod Sect now can be destroying your own.”

“Do you know how many resources it took to put up this one great mountain protection formation?”

“Now that you have destroyed the Mountain Protecting Formation, will you still have the ability to lay such a great formation when you become the clan master?”

“Even if you did, how much resources would it cost our Jade Tripod Sect?”

“If the Supreme Elder knew that you destroyed the Jade Tripod Sect’s Mountain Protection Formation, what would he think?”

Nie Heng threw out a series of questions, instantly knocking Hu Yixiao off his feet!

Especially when Nie Heng was talking about the Supreme Elder, Hu Yixiao’s face changed!

Although he had brought people from Ming Li King City with him, he wasn’t afraid of anyone from the Jade Tripod Sect, but he was afraid of the Supreme Elder!

After all, the Supreme Elder was an eighth-ranked cultivator of the Harmony Realm, much stronger than this General Qi he had brought with him, and if they really alerted the Supreme Elder, they were afraid that they wouldn’t be able to eat their words!

“If I don’t break the formation, how can I enter the Jade Tripod Sect, and how can I take back the position of Patriarch?”

Hu Yixiao asked with great difficulty!

“Master, I have discussed with Third Uncle, you should not break the formation first, Third Uncle and I will find a way to subdue Second Uncle, then let him open the great mountain protection formation, you will be able to take back the patriarch position without bloodshed!”

“If you force your way in, you’re bound to kill each other when the time comes, and those disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect who died then will all be your men!”

When Nie Heng saw that Hu Yixiao believed him, he hurriedly struck the iron while it was still hot!

When Hu Yixiao heard this, he hurriedly nodded and said to General Qi, “General Qi, stop it, stop it, don’t break the formation ……”

“Sovereign Hu, what’s wrong?”

General Qi was disturbed and looked a little unhappy!

“General Qi, I have a way to take back the Jade Tripod Sect without bloodshed, so don’t break the formation for now.”

“You just need to stand here and give me a boost, they will all be scared to death when they see General Qi’s prowess, and will all surrender obediently.”

Hu Yixiao patted General Qi’s ass, after all, the other party was from Ming Li King City, if Hu Yixiao forced orders, people might not listen to him!

This ass-kissing really made General Qi very happy, so with a wave of his hand, those runes in mid-air returned to General Qi’s body!

Hu Yi Xiao saw General Qi stop, so he hurriedly said to Nie Heng, “Nie Heng, follow your Third Uncle, make sure to capture your Second Uncle alive, don’t let him get away!”

“Master don’t worry, Second Master Uncle will never think of it, we have already discussed it ……”

Nie Heng smiled and nodded, then gave a wink towards the Third Elder!

The third elder then turned to Hu Yixiao and said “Eldest brother, just wait for our good news ……”

The third elder followed Nie Heng and turned to leave, while Hu Yixiao was full of smugness, waiting to take down the Jade Tripod Sect without bloodshed!

As the Third Elder and Nie Heng returned to the main hall, Liu Ruyan hurriedly asked, “Third Elder, did the great formation break, why did you guys come back so quickly?”

“Sovereign, that Hu Yixiao has stopped breaking the formation, so we can rest easy for a while.”

The Third Elder said with a smile.

“Stopped breaking the formation, what happened?”

Liu Ruyan asked in disbelief!

The Third Elder hurriedly told them about Nie Heng’s snubbing of Hu Yixiao, which immediately caused the crowd to laugh and the atmosphere to lighten up!

They hadn’t expected Hu Yixiao to actually believe it, so now they wouldn’t be in danger for the time being.

“Sovereign, although we have fooled that Hu Yixiao for the time being, but he should be able to reflect on it, after all, Second Senior Brother is already dead, where are we going to catch Second Senior Brother for him!”

“So as a matter of urgency, it’s better for Mr. Chen to speed up and for us to prepare a strategy to meet the enemy!”

The Third Elder said!


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