A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2729

Once Nie Heng heard this, he stopped talking, now that the Supreme Elder couldn’t be counted on, he could only count on Kai!

But now Kai didn’t even know where he was, and he didn’t even know how much more time he had to take to come to the Jade Tripod Sect!

It was still uncertain whether he would be able to hold out until Kai arrived, as the Mountain Protecting Formation was about to be broken!

“Sovereign, I’ll go and meet that Hu Yixiao and stall for time ……”

The Third Elder decided to step in and stall for time, waiting for Kai to arrive!

“I’ll go too, after all, we are master and disciple, we can buy some time too.”

Nie Heng hurriedly said as well!

Liu Ruyan nodded and said, “Good, you two be careful, if anything happens, withdraw to the main hall immediately, if the mountain protection formation is broken, we can still rely on this hall to withstand for a while!”


The Third Elder and Nie Heng turned around and left the hall to stall for time!

Liu Ruyan, on the other hand, was leaning on the Patriarch’s throne with a look of expectation in her eyes!

“Kai, I wonder if I can still wait for you ……”

Liu Ruyan just couldn’t get Kai out of her mind as he walked back!

Now facing danger, Liu Ruyan didn’t know if Kai could arrive, if Kai didn’t manage to arrive in time, then the two of them would have to be separated from each other, never to see each other again!


Jade Tripod Sect Mountain Gate!

Hu Yixiao looked a little surprised as he looked at the Third Elder and Nie Heng walking out!

“Third senior brother, I didn’t expect you to compromise as well.”

“Second senior brother is now sitting on the patriarch’s throne, isn’t he so bullish that he doesn’t even come to see me, the eldest senior brother, anymore.”

Hu Yixiao said coldly to the Third Elder!

Hu Yixiao thought that Third Elder would definitely accompany Liu Ruyan to his death in battle and would never commit himself to being under Second Elder!

But now it seemed that the Third Elder had also defected to the Second Elder!

“Nie Heng, you are my eldest disciple, my master has placed high hopes on you.”

“The last time I fled, I had no choice, this time I’ll bring my people to reclaim everything that belongs to me, now close this great mountain protection formation and come to my master’s side, I’ll let bygones be bygones!”

Hu Yixiao said as he looked at Nie Heng again!

Nie Heng and the Third Elder looked at each other, and the two of them had an idea in their minds!

Since Hu Yixiao still didn’t know that the Second Elder was dead, and that it was now Liu Ruyan who was the Patriarch, they could use this information gap!

“Master, it’s great that you’re able to bring people back, except that I have no way to close this Mountain Protecting Formation, and Second Senior Uncle holds the right to open and close it in his own hands!”

“As you know, Second Senior Uncle used to be the one who controlled the entire Jade Tripod Sect’s various formations, and now he doesn’t trust me at all, so I don’t know how to close this Mountain Protecting Formation.”

Nie Heng said with a serious face!

Seeing that expression on Nie Heng’s face, Hu Yixiao believed it to be true, after all, Nie Heng was his own disciple, the Second Elder wouldn’t trust him so easily!

“Eldest Brother, after you escaped, Second Senior Brother used those demonic cultivators to occupy the entire Jade Tripod Sect and imprisoned Eldest Miss.”

“We had no choice but to bend over backwards and obey his orders!”

“Now that you’ve returned, it’s wonderful that you’re the least open and honest when you’re the head of our Jade Tripod Sect, and will never collude with the demonic cultivators.”

“Second senior brother colluding with a devil cultivator is simply a disgrace to our Jade Tripod Sect, if other sects and families find out, no one will cooperate with our Jade Tripod Sect anymore!”

The Third Elder was all excited and acted as if he welcomed Hu Yixiao back with his men!

Looking at the Third Elder and Nie Heng like that, Hu Yixiao was a little confused for a moment, he really thought that his return was expected by all.

“Don’t be anxious, you two, this great mountain protection formation will break soon, and when the time comes, the Jade Tripod Sect’s Patriarch will still be mine.”

“As long as you are good and obedient, your positions will still be the same as before!”

Hu Yixiao followed Third Elder and Nie Heng and assured them!


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