A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2727

Huben remained inside the water prison for three days, but although he was locked in, Huben’s freedom was not controlled!

So Huben had been watching, if once Knight Star led an ambush near Demon Emperor City, he could get out of the water prison, invite Demon Emperor Yih and Princess Isha to dinner and drug them!

And Kai had also been cultivating for three whole days, he had to keep refining the Supreme Fire in his body in addition to comprehending that Running Thunder Palm, hoping to make the Running Thunder Palm and the Supreme Fire fuse one day!

On this day, Kai was still practicing, while Isha personally made the meal and brought it over to Kai!

Princess Isha was taking care of all of Kai’s food and living these days!

In fact, Kai understood Princess Yisha’s thoughts and saw her dedication in his eyes, but he could not promise her anything yet!

“Dinner is ready ……”

Princess Isha called out to Kai!

Kai slowly opened his eyes and was about to get out of bed to eat when a red light suddenly flashed around his waist, followed by Liu Ruyan’s voice coming through anxiously!

When Kai left, he gave Liu Ruyan a sound transmission jade slip, just so that if Liu Ruyan had an urgent matter, she could find herself at any time!

“Kai, where are you?”

Liu Ruyan asked anxiously!

“Miss Liu, I’m right near the Jade Tripod Sect, what’s the matter?”

Kai didn’t say he was in Demon Emperor City, he was afraid that Liu Ruyan would misunderstand, after all, without pill refining as a barrier, Demon Emperor City wasn’t much more polite when following human clans!

“Great, come quickly then, Hu Yixiao has brought his men back to kill, now I have ordered the sect’s gates to be sealed and the sect’s great mountain protection formation has been activated.”

“But soon they’ll be able to break through, the demon cultivators Hu Yixiao brought from Ming Li King City this time are all very powerful!”

Liu Ruyan hurriedly followed Kai’s explanation!

“Alright, let’s go back, wait for me, and make sure you hold on!”

Kai finished speaking and hung up the communication straight away, not even eating his meal and quickly running out the door!

“Hey ……” Princess Isha chased after him “Kai, what are you doing? Who was that woman just now?”

Princess Isha was guessing Liu Ruyan’s identity when she heard Liu Ruyan’s voice!

“A friend only, you wait for me to say goodbye to your father, don’t let him not know my whereabouts.”

“I’m going to the Jade Tripod Sect to take care of things this time, you tell your father to keep a good watch on it!”

Kai gave a quick explanation to Princess Isha!

“Hey …… is that Jade Tripod Sect in danger? What is your relationship with that Jade Tripod Sect? Do you want me to go with you?”

Princess Isha asked several questions in a row at Kai!

It was a pity that Kai could not hear any of them, as he had already run away for miles!

“Humph, so devoted to other women, but ignoring me ……”

Princess Isha pouted in dissatisfaction, but still went to find the Ichthus Demon Emperor and told him about Kai!

Just as Kai was rushing to the Jade Tripod Clan, before the Jade Tripod Clan gate, Hu Yixiao surrounded the Jade Tripod Clan with hundreds of beast soldiers from the Ming Li King City.

And beside Hu Yixiao, a dry, thin old man was chanting!

This old man was one of the guardians of Ming Li King City, and his strength had already reached the fifth rank of the Combined Body Realm. The Li King had sent this elder to help Hu Yixiao take over the position of Jade Tripod Sect leader!

A fifth-ranked General of the Harmony Realm was enough to help Hu Yixiao take back the position of Patriarch, knowing that the strongest member of the Jade Tripod Sect was only the Second Elder, a third-ranked member of the Harmony Realm!

The current Hu Yixiao still didn’t know that the Second Elder had not seized the Jade Tripod Sect and become the Patriarch, the Patriarch was now Liu Ruyan!

“General Qi, this mountain protection formation, you might have broken it?”

Hu Yixiao asked with a face full of respect to the guardian general at the side!


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