A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2726

“Isha, is Mr. Chan okay?”

The Ikh Demon Emperor asked!

“It’s not much, just a huge physical exertion, he’s practicing to recover at the moment!”

Princess Isha said!

Just then, Huben was led into the great hall by the guards!

But before Demon Emperor Yih could get angry, Huben suddenly fell to his knees and said with a face full of repentance, “Demon Emperor, I didn’t obey your orders and took action against that Kai without permission, punish me!”

“No matter how you punish me, I have absolutely no complaints, the reason why I followed that Li Xing’s alliance was to deal with that Kai, I have absolutely no intention of betraying the Demon Emperor!”

“I like Princess Isha, that Kai is here, Princess Isha only has eyes for him, so I must get rid of him.”

Huben spoke very sincerely, which for a moment caused Demon Emperor Yih to be somewhat at a loss for words!

Tiger Ben liked Isha, the Ichthus Demon Emperor had actually known that for a long time, and now this Tiger Ben had done such a thing, he must also have been overwhelmed by love!

The fact that Tiger Ben had been loyal for so many years, the anger that Yih had just felt had been reduced by Tiger Ben’s words!

Huben was a loyal man who only did things for Isha, regardless of the consequences!

“Huben, I’ve said it before, I don’t like you, the two of us are not even possible, why are you pestering me?”

Princess Isha said with a slight frown!

“Princess Isha, in my eyes, you are a goddess, although I know you don’t like me, I hope you won’t deprive me of the right to like you.”

“Even if I could look at you from afar, I would be satisfied, I would never like another woman in my life!”

“I know that the mistake I made this time is absolutely unforgivable, so I wish I could die at the hands of Princess Isha!”

“Princess Isha, come on, to be able to die at your hands, I will die without regret ……”

Huben knelt on the ground, closed his eyes, and waited for Isha to make her move!

But the more Huben did this, the more Isha was reluctant to make a move, not to mention she had no intention of trying to kill Huben!

“Huben, remembering that you have been loyal for so many years, I will not sentence you to death this time.”

“You can go and spend a few days in the water prison yourself, as a punishment for you!”

“But I tell you, if you dare to disrespect Mr. Chen again, then you will surely die!”

The Ikh Demon Emperor said!

“Thank you, Demon Emperor, for not killing me, I will definitely not disrespect Mr. Chen in the future!”

Huben hurriedly kowtowed his head and thanked him!

With his head bowed, Huben slowly retreated, and just as he exited the Great Hall, a vicious look flashed across Huben’s eyes!

“Father, why do I feel that this Huben is like a different person, he is talking a bit differently!”

“Those words just now, how come they don’t sound like they came out of Huben’s mouth, this fellow has always been clumsy and awkward.”

Princess Isha looked at Huben’s back and said with some confusion!

In fact, all those words that Huben said were explained by Li Xing in advance, otherwise, with Huben’s dull-witted appearance, how could he have said such words!

“Perhaps he has really realised his mistake, and putting him in the water prison now is a punishment!”

“You’d better go and see Chen quickly, and cultivate more of a relationship with him!”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor told Princess Isha to go and accompany Kai, hoping that Isha would cultivate a relationship with Kai by following him!

He had to know that Kai was the head of the Heavenly Dragon Hall, which was many times stronger than Yih, and although Yih was the Demon Emperor, he was only a hall under Kai’s command!

Ihyuk knew that there were thirteen halls in the entire Heavenly Dragon Hall, and after him, there were bound to be even more powerful halls to come!

“Father, why are you saying this to me, how shy ……”

After Princess Isha finished speaking, she then turned around and ran towards where Kai lived!


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