A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2725

“You can …………”

Knightstar whispered something in Huben’s ear!

The face of Huben turned from red to white, and finally said with a face full of shock “This, how can this be, if I really do this, then I am a traitor and will be lynched.”

Huben shook his head desperately!

“Brother Huben, even if you don’t do it, do you think your demon emperor will let you go?”

“Now you are no longer valued by your demon emperor, he treats a human better than you, the great general!”

“And if you do as I say, then not only will you become the new first Demon Emperor, you will also be able to get your hands on Isha, and when you get your hands on a beautiful woman, you will be a winner in life!”

“As long as you become the Demon Emperor, our King City and your Imperial City will cooperate, and by then, who will dare to bully us in the whole beast race?”

Li Xing kept persuading at Huben!

Hearing what Li Xing said, Hu Ben was somewhat moved, Hu Ben didn’t have much pursuit for power, and he didn’t want to be any demon emperor, but he couldn’t get Isha out of his mind.

As long as he could get his hands on Isha, he had slept with her more than once in his dreams, and Huben felt that he would not be able to live without her!

“Brother, is what you say reliable? What if the demon emperor finds out? What if I go back this time and the demon emperor just locks me up?”

Huben asked to Li Xing!

“Brother Huben, don’t worry about it, this medicine of mine is colorless and tasteless, it won’t be detected, and eating this medicine of mine won’t kill you, it’s just that your internal organs are like knives, and your strength can’t be brought out!”

“When the time comes, you just pretend to admit your mistake, sincerely invite the Demon Emperor and Isha to dinner, and just put poison inside the meal.”

“I will now go back to the Ming Li King City and call out for people, when the time comes, you and I will be able to control the entire imperial city if we work together inside and out.”

“Besides, you are still the Grand General of the Imperial City’s guards, and most of the guards in the Imperial City are under your orders!”

Li Xing followed Huben as he detailed step by step what to do!

Huben gritted his teeth and hesitated for a moment before he nodded and said “Alright, let’s fight, but you can’t lie to me, you must not let anything happen to Isha!”

“If something happens to Isha, I will never spare you ……”

The reason for this is to get Isha, if something happens to Isha and she is poisoned to death, what is the point of Huben plotting a rebellion!

“Brother Huben, don’t worry about it, there will definitely be no problem.”

Li Xing assured him very seriously!

“Alright, give me the medicine, you have to be quick, I’ll fight for these few days, so that the Demon Emperor doesn’t suspect me!”

Huben told Knightstar to bring out the poison he had prepared!

Immediately after giving the poison to Huben, Knight Star headed straight for Ming Li King City, he had to mobilize his troops from Ming Li King City as soon as possible!

And after taking a deep breath, Huben headed towards the Demon Emperor City!

And at that moment, inside the Great Hall of the Imperial City, Demon Emperor Yih was so angry that his face was blue and he kept slapping the table!

“This Huben, how dare he, how dare he not even listen to me anymore, and how dare he join forces with that Li Xing and make a move against Mr. Chen!”

“I think he’s tired of living, go and get me Huben right now, I’ll take care of him!”

The Ikh Demon Emperor roared!

Immediately, there were guards, hurrying off to find Huben!

And Isha said from the sidelines, “Father, I don’t think this Huben can be reappointed, let’s remove him from his post as general.

“Although we don’t have any problems with Ming Li, but for so many years, our two families have been fighting with each other?”

“This Huben clearly knows that our Demon Emperor City and Ming Li King City are only at odds with each other, yet he is still so close to Li Xing!”

“If I hadn’t gone early, Kai might have been killed by the two of them!”

Isha had an atmospheric look on her face, she wished her father could have removed Huben!


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