A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2723

Li Xing looked at the Dragon Cutting Sword in Kai’s hand, his brow furrowed slightly, and a huge battle axe instantly appeared amidst the blood light at his brow being held in Li Xing’s hand!

“Open the heavens and open the earth …………”

Li Xing slashed down with his axe towards Kai.

This axe carried a thunderous force, and the entire mountain forest resounded with a rumbling sound as the trees around it were uprooted!

Kai threw his Dragon Chopping Sword across his head, directly blocking Li Xing’s blow!

Boom …………

With an explosion, the Dragon Chopper Sword and Li Xing’s huge axe collided together!

Kai’s body dwarfed and immediately stood up, while Li Xing was instantly sent flying by the tremendous recoil, flying more than ten metres before he could stabilise himself!

“A good sword indeed, this is a heaven-opening axe of mine, and with this blow, the sword in your hand is still intact!”

Li Xing looked at the Dragon Cutting Sword in Kai’s hand and couldn’t help but have a little more greed in his eyes!

“Heaven-opening Axe? Quite a resounding name, but you won’t have the Heaven Opening Axe anymore in the future.”

Kai finished speaking, this time unleashing the power of the divine Dragon, only to see the Zeng Long Sword shining brightly and accompanied by a burst of dragon roar!

“Chop ……”

Kai shouted explosively and instantly brought the Dragon Chopping Sword down!

A blindingly bright sword aura headed straight for Li Xing!

The terrifying sword maneuver left a deep furrow in the ground and reached Li Xing at a tremendous speed!

Seeing this, Li Xing hurriedly raised the Heaven-opening Axe in his hand to block in front of him!

Boom …………

The tremendous force caused Li Xing’s body to fly backwards again, knocking over a dozen trees before landing heavily on the ground!

Li Xing’s face was extremely ugly as he slowly got up and looked at Kai with frightened eyes.

But when he picked up his own Heaven-opening Axe, his expression became even more terrified!

Only to see that Lixing’s huge Heaven-opening Axe had now been chopped in half, with only the handle of the huge axe still being held in Lixing’s hand!

“How is it possible, this …… is a Heaven Opening Axe made of tungsten steel, how could it be like this!”

Li Xing couldn’t understand how this invulnerable Heaven Opening Axe in his own hand had been cut in half under Kai’s sword!

What kind of divine weapon was that sword in Kai’s hand!

“Your Heaven-opening Axe is gone, time to call out your companion, right?”

Kai asked as he turned to Li Xing!

Li Xing gritted his teeth and said “Brother Huben, it seems that this kid needs to be dealt with by the two of us ……”

As Li Xing’s words fell, Huben stood out from his hiding place!

After seeing Huben, Kai instantly understood why that guard had just deceived himself!

“Huben, as the Great General of the Demon Emperor City’s guards, yet you joined forces with this Knight Star to trick me into coming here, do you know your crime?”

Kai questioned at Huben!

Speaking of which, Huben should also be considered as Kai’s subordinate.

“Knowing the sin? Know what sin? I just can’t f*cking stand you and followed the Li Xing brothers to clean you up, what can I do?”

“Don’t think that because Princess Isha likes you and the Demon Emperor respects you, you really think you’re the King of Heaven in Demon Emperor City.”

“Even if I kill you today, I believe Princess Isha and the Demon Emperor wouldn’t dare to do anything to me!”

Huben said with a disdainful expression!

“Kill me?” Kai sneered “If you really dare to kill me, your Demon Emperor will cut you into pieces!”

“Hmph, if I kill you today, God won’t know, and the Demon Emperor won’t know about it.”

After finishing his sentence, Huben actually took out an orb from his pocket and threw it into the air!

The whole mountain forest wound up, the air shook violently, along with a light appeared, that orb floated in mid-air like the sun, along with thousands of golden light shining down, the place where the golden light shone, it was as if it was sealed!


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