A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2722

Seeing that Kai had been deceived, the guard scattered his legs and tried to run, only to have Kai slap out his palm, instantly sending the guard flying!

The guard spurted out a mouthful of blood and instantly fell to the ground dead!

“Come out, what are you doing sneaking around and tricking me into coming here?”

Kai said as he looked deeper into the mountains!

“I didn’t expect you, this fellow, to be tricked into coming here, it seems that in your heart, that Isha is very important!”

Li Xing led the men out from their hiding place, but that Huben didn’t show himself!

“So it’s you.”

Kai frowned slightly as a cold aura flashed in his eyes!

Being able to send guards to trick himself here, Kai had thought it would be that Huben, but he didn’t expect it to be Li Xing who appeared!

Kai did not understand why the Imperial City guards would listen to Li Xing’s orders!

“Kid, we meet again, inside the Demon Emperor City, with Isha protecting you, I couldn’t do anything to you, but here, no one will care about you!”

Knight Star said with a smug face!

Kai took a look at Li Xing and the few men he had brought with him, and couldn’t help but sneer “Call out all your men, just a few of you are no match for me!”

Li Xing was stunned, then laughed out loud, “Hahahaha, you are too damn arrogant, you are just a newly promoted merging realm cultivator, how dare you say such words, I don’t need others, I can beat you up myself and make you cry out to your mother!”

“If you kneel down and apologise to me now, promise never to go near Isha again and get the hell out of Demon Emperor City, I can consider sparing your life!”

“Is that so? Then I’ll also tell you, if you kneel down and apologize to me now and get the hell out of Demon Emperor City from now on, I can consider it and not bother with you about deceiving me.” Kai said with a cold smile!

“Damn, it seems that you are really looking for death ……”

Li Xing frowned, then waved his hand and said “Go on, arrest him for me ……”

Six of Li Xing’s men instantly pounced towards Kai, these men were all specially selected guards who had followed Li Xing to Demon Emperor City!

Each of them had reached the cultivation level of the Combined Body Realm, and there were even two that had reached the second rank of the Combined Body Realm!

With six Harmony Realm cultivators, against Kai, a newly promoted Harmony Realm, Knight Star felt that there would be no problem!

“It’s better for you to do it yourself, don’t let your men get killed for nothing ……”

Kai said to Li Xing!

“Don’t be mad, defeat this heart henchman of mine first!” Li Xing sneered!

But just as Li Xing finished his words, the smile was still on his face before it faded, but he noticed that Kai had an extra sword in his hand instantly, followed by a flash of sword light!

All six of his men from the Harmony Realm stopped instantly and fell to the ground in a flurry!

Each of them had a bloodstain on their necks, and blood kept gushing out!

Seeing this scene, Knight Star’s smile froze on his face.

“You …… you …………”

Li Xing looked at Kai incredulously, even if Kai’s strength was shown to be much higher than his realm, but facing six Harmony Realm cultivators, it was impossible to manage to kill them in one blow!

Li Xing himself was absolutely unable to do it!

“Is it time to call out the others?”

Kai asked as he looked coldly at Knight Star.

“Let me try your strength first ……”

When Knight Star finished speaking, he instantly let out a wild roar!

The entire mountain forest resounded with this wild roar!

At the same time, blood light bloomed on Li Xing’s brow, and his battle intent surged wildly!

Kai was not careless in his attack, for he knew that as the prince of the Ming Li City, Li Xing must have some hidden skills in his body!

Kai wielded the Dragon Slashing Sword, and his Invincible Golden Body was instantly activated, as he raised the Dragon Slashing Sword, the spiritual Qi of heaven and earth swarmed around him!


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