A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2721

Kai spent three days inside his room, studying this Running Thunder Palm.

During these three days, a human figure in Kai’s consciousness kept revealing various palm-print techniques, and all the records in the ancient books had been deeply knocked into Kai’s consciousness!

In three days, Kai had basically grasped the essence of the Penning Thunder Palm, but he still needed to repeat it to consolidate it!

“It’s really a good palm technique ……”

Kai opened his eyes and a glint of essence swept through his eyes!

Kai had basically comprehended this Running Thunder Palm, what he needed now was to consolidate his cultivation, and to participate in actual combat experience!

“This Running Thunder Palm has nine levels of realm intent, I have just reached the first level, I wonder how powerful this Running Thunder Palm will be when I reach the ninth level of realm intent, can it poke a hole in the sky?”

Kai sighed at the mysterious realm intent of the Running Thunder Palm!

咚咚咚 …………

Suddenly, a knock on the door interrupted Kai’s thoughts!

When Kai opened the door, he found a guard of the Imperial City dressed in silver armour!

“Mr Chen, our Princess Isha has an invitation ……”

The guard said respectfully!

“Isha? What does she want with me?”

Kai was a little surprised, he didn’t understand what Princess Isha was looking for, according to Isha’s nature, if she was looking for herself, she would definitely come in person, she wouldn’t let the guards come!

“Mr. Chen, I don’t know about that, you need to ask Princess Isha yourself!”

The guard said with some embarrassment!

Kai didn’t doubt it and followed the guard away!

But the guard led Kai, but towards the outside of the Imperial City, which caused Kai to frown!

“Is Princess Isha outside the Imperial City?”

Kai asked in confusion!

“Yes, it seems that Princess Isha said she had a surprise for you, and I don’t know what it is!”

The guard laughed and said!

When Kai heard this, he immediately dispelled his doubts and said with a faint smile “This Princess Isha, she knows how to make things happen, what kind of surprise is she going to give me again!”

Kai relaxed his guard and followed the guard all the way out of the Imperial City, then walked towards the mountains not far away!

At this moment, deep in the mountain forest, Li Xing was hiding here with a few of his men and Huben!

“Brother Li Xing, that Kai doesn’t seem to be of a high realm, but his strength is not low, I fought with him in the Imperial City, you saw it, I led my men to intercept him, but I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to beat him!”

Hu Ben said with a worried face!

In fact, the reason why Huben said that was because he wanted Li Xing to do it, so that when Li Xing killed Kai, even if the Ichthus Demon Emperor pursued him, it would have nothing to do with him!

The two of us can’t beat him!”

“Besides, you still have a magic weapon in your hand that is specially designed to restrain humans, what are you afraid of?”

The two of us killed Kai, it would be too humiliating ……”

Li Xing looked at Huben that look, smiled and did not say anything, he knew the small calculations in Huben’s heart, but did not tear him apart, after all, now he still has to use Huben!

Kai followed that guard all the way forward and soon entered the dense mountain forest, but that guard had no intention of stopping!

Kai frowned and his divine sense spread out instantly, his huge divine sense instantly enveloped a few miles in circumference!

Li Xing and Hu Ben, who were originally hiding, were planning to give Kai a sneak attack, but when they were instantly enveloped by Kai’s immense divine sense, they knew they were exposed!

After Kai had dispersed his divine sense, he also noticed that there were people hiding around him, and his face instantly turned cold as he said, “How dare you, how dare you lie to me?”


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