A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2720

But Kai didn’t notice Elder Pei’s shocked expression, he just cast his whole mind on the ancient book!

That obscure and incomprehensible beast text began to become simple in Kai’s eyes!

Only as Kai kept flipping deeper and deeper, the expression of surprise on Kai’s face grew thicker and thicker!

Unconsciously, Kai took the ancient book and one hand actually began to slowly practice along with it!

Kai’s palm gently waved, and instantly a residual shadow appeared, followed by a flash of light from the ancient book, which poured into Kai’s mind, and then the light transformed into a human figure, practising various palm techniques!

Seeing this, Kai began to turn over quickly, and as he did so, the figure in his mind moved faster and faster!

In the end, the thick ancient book was finished by Kai in a very short time!

Kai then put the ancient book back, followed by a slight upward lift of his palms, and a heavenly aura broke through the roof of the library and instantly disappeared into the clouds!

Rumble ………………

In an instant, an explosion of thunder rang out instantly, and a huge palm print appeared in the sky, and on top of this palm print, lightning and thunder could be clearly seen!

The palm print got lower and lower, and in an instant the wind was howling as a heavenly thunder suddenly descended from the sky and instantly struck a small mountain, directly splitting it apart and flattening it to the ground!

Kai’s eyes were filled with excitement, and as the breath in his body continued to surge, the huge palm print slowly began to become clearer and clearer!

“Mr. Chen …………”

Elder Pei, who sensed that terrifying aura, hurriedly shouted out towards Kai!

Kai’s body shook as he hurriedly reacted and hurriedly gathered his aura back, and the huge palm print disappeared!

“What a powerful Running Thunder Palm ……”

Kai looked at his hands and couldn’t help but exclaim!

While Elder Pei looked at Kai in shock, his face full of incredulity, “Mr. Chen, not only have you opened the seal, you have actually learned the Running Thunder Palm in such a short time, you are simply a genius among geniuses!”

“This Thunderbolt Palm is unpredictable, don’t look at just this one move, but it has a thousand variations, and this is just the skin of it, as I deepen my cultivation and understanding of the Thunderbolt Palm, the power of this Thunderbolt Palm will definitely be greater!”

Kai said with a look of excitement!

Elder Pei was shocked, just the skin alone, but the power that exploded out was not to be underestimated!

The disturbance just now had caught the attention of the Ichthus Demon Emperor, so he hurriedly brought his men to the Hidden Book Pavilion!

But after hearing that it was Kai who had opened the ancient book and comprehended the Running Thunder Palm, instead of blaming Elder Pei, Emperor Yih was very happy!

“Mr. Chen learned the Running Thunder Palm so easily, it seems that this ancient book has been stored for many years and was prepared for Mr. Chen.”

Demon Emperor Yih said excitedly!

“What I have learnt is only skin deep, I still need to penetrate deeper before I can do so, so I won’t be here with you guys anymore ……”

Kai finished speaking and hurriedly left to return to his residence!

The first thing he did was to sit on his knees, Kai’s eyes were slightly closed and he began to immerse himself in the palm technique of the Penetrating Thunder Palm, carefully studying it!

“If I fuse the Supreme Fire in my body, following the Running Thunder Palm, will it increase the power of this Running Thunder Palm?”

Suddenly, Kai had a flash of light, and immediately afterwards, he began to experiment!

Only after many attempts, he failed, he was unable to truly fuse the Supreme Flame with the Running Thunder Palm!

“Perhaps I haven’t comprehended the Penetrating Thunder Palm deeply enough, if I cultivate the Penetrating Thunder Palm to its peak, I might be able to fuse it!”

Kai thought to himself!

When the Thunderbolt Palm fused with the Supreme Fire, the huge palm print in the sky would be wrapped in the Devil’s Supreme Fire, and the scene would be unimaginable, and every lightning that was triggered would descend from the sky with blazing flames that could burn everything to ashes!


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