A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2719

At this moment, Kai was in the imperial city’s book collection pavilion, which was home to the carefully selected geniuses of the Bu Yih Demon Emperor, all of whom were learning the art of pill refining!

Ever since Kai had used the ancient texts of the beast race to create a pill refining technique that the beast race could learn, the Ikh Demon Emperor had sent people to catch up on their studies!

If their Demon Emperor City had their own pill refiners, then their strength would definitely increase by a lot, and they wouldn’t have to be under the control of others!

“Mr. Chen ……”

Seeing that Kai had arrived, Elder Pei hurriedly came forward to greet him!

These people were now under Elder Pei’s jurisdiction, supervising their studies on a daily basis!

“Although the pill refining technique looks incredibly simple compared to other techniques, it is still necessary to progress gradually and not be too hasty.”

Kai glanced at the crowd of people studying, and then said to Elder Pei!

“Mr. Chen is right in his lesson, I will pay more attention to it ……”

Elder Pei said with great humility!

“En, you take them and continue to study, I’ll go upstairs and take a look at it in ……”

Last time, Kai only had a brief look at the Book Collection and didn’t go deeper, knowing that it was divided into several levels, so Kai wanted to go upstairs to have a look!

“Mr. Kai, it’s better for me to accompany you up there, it’s forbidden by the Demon Emperor up there.”

Elder Pei hurriedly said!

“A taboo has also been laid, is there something very important up there?”

Kai asked in disbelief!

Elder Pei nodded and led Kai along as he said, “There is indeed a very important ancient book stored upstairs.”

“I heard that it was written by the oldest beast king of our demon beast clan.

“The ancient book has been sealed and no one has been able to unlock it yet.

Elder Pei knew of Kai’s status in Demon Emperor City, so he didn’t hide it from Kai and said truthfully!

Hearing this, Kai’s eyes instantly lit up “Running Thunder Palm? It sounds very good, quickly take me to see it ……”

Elder Pei nodded and took Kai straight upstairs, then walked up to a thick ancient book!

This ancient book was covered in dust, it should have been a long time since someone had cleaned it!

“Mr. Chen, the seal on this ancient book is very overbearing, not to mention picking it up, even if you get close, you will be injured by the power in it, that’s why no one has cleaned this place!”

“If you want to see it, you should stand at a distance and take a look, don’t get too close!”

Elder Pei said to Kai!

“Thanks for the reminder, but I think it’s better for me to get closer and take a look!”

Kai said, and walked towards the ancient book, and just as he got close to it, Kai felt a huge force emanating from it, followed by a cackling sound from Kai’s body, as if something had been pressed hard against it!

Feeling this force, Kai only felt his internal organs tumbling and his body trembling involuntarily!

“There’s really something ……”

Kai gritted his teeth as the power of the divine Dragon instantly erupted, resisting this massive force!

Right after the Divine Dragon Force within Kai erupted, the force seemed to sense something and instantly disappeared without a trace!

Kai faintly froze, then reached out and grabbed towards that ancient book!

Kai’s palm shone with a golden light, enveloped by the power of the divine dragon!

A ray of divine dragon power entered the ancient book, and the seal on it instantly collapsed and disappeared under the impact of the divine dragon’s power!

And Kai directly grabbed the ancient book into his hands and immediately flipped through it.

Elder Pei, who saw this scene, instantly opened his eyes wide and looked at Kai incredulously!

One must know that even the Ichthus Demon Emperor had tried many times before, but there was no way to get the ancient book into his hands, let alone flipping through it!


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