A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2717

As he spoke of this, Huben’s eyes were full of loss, after all, he liked Isha, but he was no match for Li Xing, and there was no way the Ichthus Demon Emperor would let Isha marry a lowly man like him!

Looking at Huben’s face, Li Xing smiled darkly, then said with a furious look on his face, “Brother Huben doesn’t know, Isha and I can never be together, Isha doesn’t like me at all, she has been seduced by that human called Kai!”

“To tell the truth, today I even saw the two of them hugging and making out, originally I wanted to kill that boy, but unfortunately the rules of your Demon Emperor City are that you can’t fight privately within the Imperial City, so I didn’t dare to do it!”

“I know Isha doesn’t like me, and I wouldn’t welcome a woman who doesn’t like me, but even if Isha doesn’t like me, she can’t like a human, right, seeing as that boy is of mediocre strength, what’s so good about him?”

“I know that Brother Huben also has his heart set on Isha, and by all rights, Brother Huben has worked diligently to guard the Demon Emperor City for so many years and has given so much, Isha should rightly be Brother Huben’s!”

“Perhaps in the eyes of your Ichthus Demon Emperor, no matter how much you give, you are always just a subordinate ……”

“Hey …………”

Li Xing sighed very peacefully and appropriately, as if he was fighting for Huben!

And Huben was silent when he heard Knight Star’s words, except that by looking at his facial expression he could tell that Knight Star’s words had shaken Huben’s heart!

Li Xing, however, continued while the iron was hot, “Brother Huben, just now you followed that Kai and did something in the street, maybe Princess Isha will even reprimand you when she finds out!”

“When that happens, even the Ichthus Demon Emperor might not speak up for you, and might punish you too!”

Li Xing was talking when he heard a delicate shout from outside!

“Huben, get the f*ck out of here ……”

Huben’s brow furrowed when he heard it, because he heard it, it was Princess Isha’s voice!

Huben had no choice but to walk out with a frown on his face!

Upon seeing Huben, Princess Isha was scolding him!

“Huben, how dare you, who told you to make a move on Kai?”

“Don’t you know that Kai is a guest of our Demon Emperor City? Moreover, private fights are not allowed within the Imperial City, and you, as the Grand General of Guards, are blatantly breaking the rules!”

“I’m telling you, if you dare to hit Kai, I won’t spare you, I’ll tell Father and punish you properly!”

After Princess Isha finished speaking, she turned around and walked away in a huff, not giving Huben a chance to speak at all!

Seeing Princess Isha helping Kai like this, Huben’s heart became even more furious and he hated Kai even more!

Huben gritted his teeth and clenched his fists “Kai, I’ll make sure that you are broken into pieces!”

“Brother Huben, am I right in guessing? Only by making that Kai disappear completely will Isha be able to change her mind.”

“At that time, I will definitely leave Demon Emperor City and will never follow Brother Huben to fight for Isha!”

Li Xing said irritatingly to Huben!

“Prince Knight Star, I am grateful to you for looking up to me, but there is no way I can do the matter of tying the knot, after all, I am the Grand General of the Demon Emperor City’s guard, if I follow Prince Knight Star and tie the knot, it will inevitably cause our Demon Emperor to be discontented.”

Although Huben was furious, he hadn’t lost his senses!

He liked Isha and treated Kai as a love rival and wanted to kill him, but he had no intention of betraying the Ikh Demon Emperor!

“Brother Huben, I’m just saying this casually, if you don’t agree, then forget it, but I appreciate Brother Huben, if you ever figure it out, you can always find me!”

“I will still stay in your Demon Emperor City for a while, I won’t leave!”

Li Xing finished speaking and left from Huben’s mansion!

Not long after Knight Star left, a guard of the Imperial City immediately came running in a hurry!


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