A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2715

And when Li Xing, who had intended to let Huben kill Kai, saw that Huben had stopped, he lost his temper for a moment!

“Great General Huben, as the Great General of the Imperial City Guard, you are responsible for the security of the entire Wanted Imperial City, do you still have to be restricted from doing anything in this Imperial City?”

At this moment, Li Xing walked out, he intended to stimulate Huben to make a move against Kai!

When Huben saw Knight Star, originally he did not have a good feeling towards Knight Star either, after all, Knight Star was also competing with him for Princess Isha.

But Li Xing, being the prince of Ming Li King City, took the initiative to address Huben as Great General, so Huben could not be too rude!

“Prince Knight ……”

When Huben saw Knight Star, he also opened his mouth and shouted!

“Great General Huben, the reason why this guy dares to be in the Demon Emperor City and tease even you with him is entirely because of Princess Isha, he knows that Princess Isha likes humans, so he, a human, dares to do whatever he wants!”

“But you, as the Grand General of the Imperial City Guards, can find a reason to drive this guy away, or just kill him!”

“Just say that his presence threatens the safety of the Imperial City, and say that he has humiliated your Imperial City subjects in the streets!”

“Aren’t either of those reasons for you to do something?”

Li Xing was on the sidelines, giving Huben ideas!

When Huben heard this, his eyes lit up and he said, “Yes, why didn’t I think of that?”

Kai looked at Li Xing, and knew that Li Xing was deliberately arching fire, so that Huben could deal with himself.

“Because you are a dog bear, so you can’t think of such a good idea!”

Kai was not the least bit afraid of Huben, so he spoke out in mockery!

Kai’s remark caused many people to burst into laughter!

This angered Huben completely, and he said with a murderous look on his face, “Kid, you are a small human, yet you are doing wrong in my Demon Emperor City, as the Great General of the Imperial City, I must bring you to justice!”

“Well, if you want to do it, do it, don’t put any hat on me, come on ……” Kai beckoned towards Huben!

Huben roared, and slapped his palm at Kai!

Kai faced Huben’s slap, Kai smiled coldly and stepped forward and grabbed Huben’s arm!

Huben was stunned, and then shouted, “Let go of me! ……”

He felt Kai’s hand was like a vise, gripping his wrist so tightly that he couldn’t move!

This caused Huben’s body’s breath to start to soar!

Just as Huben was struggling to break free, Kai suddenly let go!

With this, Huben’s body instantly retreated backwards uncontrollably!

Stomp stomp stomp …………

Huben’s huge body retreated one after another and finally sat down on its buttocks!

At this, the people around couldn’t help but laugh!

And Huben’s face was red with embarrassment as his eyes glared angrily at Kai, his eyes full of killing intent!

When Li Xing saw this scene, he couldn’t help but frown, he didn’t expect that Huben, as a great general of the Imperial City, would be so stupid as to reach such a level!

Huben got up from the ground, then roared “Kid, I’ll tear you apart today ……”

With that, Huben steeply lunged out, and his huge bear paw went straight towards Kai’s neck!

This palm was clearly intended to kill Kai!

As Kai looked at Huben’s palm, his brow furrowed slightly, and a cold glint appeared in his eyes!

He didn’t expect that this Huben was really intent on killing him!

Kai put away his joking heart and his body instantly exploded with a burst of spiritual energy, a large amount of spiritual energy rose up from his body!

A spiritual barrier instantly shone out around Kai’s body!

And Huben’s palm hit that spiritual barrier and was instantly shaken and sent flying backwards!

The crowd was shocked, they didn’t expect Kai to be so strong!

Even Li Xing frowned as he re-assessed Kai!


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