A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2714

“Yue …… the Demon Emperor is assured that I will show Isha who is the man she should like.”

Li Xing’s face turned ugly as he felt the change in attitude of the Ichthus Demon Emperor!

“But I have a word of warning for you, fighting is never allowed within my Demon Emperor City, it is my rule that no one can break.”

Demon Emperor Yih warned at Lixing!

“I understand!” Knight Star nodded, then turned around and left!

Just as he walked out of the Ichthus Demon Emperor’s palace, Li Xing’s face was full of ice and cold as he gritted his teeth and said, “Good old Ichthus, how dare you trick me, do you really think I’m that easy to deal with?”

When Li Xing finished speaking, he crushed a voice transmission jade slip and followed his father, King Li, and spoke to him!

“Xing’er, how are things going? When will you depart and return?”

King Li asked to Li Xing!

“Dad, I’m afraid I won’t be able to return anytime soon ……”

Li Xing told King Li briefly what had just happened after him!

When King Li heard it, he was also furious!

“This old man, Yih, really doesn’t put my Ming Li King City in his eyes.”

“Xing’er, if you can’t, just come back, the big deal is that you won’t marry that Isha, as the prince of Ming Li King City, are you still afraid of not having a wife?”

“When the time comes, I will find a chance to destroy that Demon Emperor City, and see if old man Yih still dares to fool me!”

King Knight said angrily!

“Dad, I must get Isha before I go back, I also happen to take the opportunity and probe the strength of Demon Emperor City.”

Knight Star said!

“While you’re there, pay more attention, don’t act recklessly.” King Li barked at Knight Star!

“Don’t worry, even if I do anything out of the ordinary, that old man Ih wouldn’t dare to do anything to me, unless he wants to be removed from the beast race!”

Knight Star said with full confidence!

After saying that, Knight Star ended the call and headed straight for the mansion where he lived!

But just as he stepped out of the palace, Knight Star saw a lot of people on the street, while Knight Star walked up curiously!

Only when he got closer did Knight Star discover that it was Huben and Kai who were fighting against each other!

“Kid, I advise you to stay away from our princess and get the hell out of our Demon Emperor City right now, or else don’t blame me for being rude!”

Huben said as he glared angrily at Kai!

Kai looked at Hu Ben and smiled lightly “How do you want to be unkind to me?”

Kai, who had already broken through the Harmonious Body realm, was not afraid of Huben anymore!

Moreover, within the imperial city, private fights were not allowed, and Huben, as a great general of the guards, knew this rule even better!

“If you don’t leave, then I will let you die here and never leave again!”

After finishing his sentence, Huben’s hands suddenly changed into two huge bear paws!

Kai looked at Huben’s bear paws and burst out laughing!

He had always thought that Huben was transformed into a tiger demon, after all, his name was Huben, so it was normal for him to be a tiger demon all the time!

But to his surprise, Huben was actually a dog bear!

“I thought you were a fierce tiger, but it turns out you’re a dog bear, what a waste of such a good name!”

Kai said with a slight sneer!

“You’re f*cking looking for death ……”

Huben was furious and his huge bear paw was about to slap towards Kai!

When Li Xing saw this, he couldn’t say how happy he was inside, he didn’t know that this Huben still had a problem with Kai, so he could use Huben to get rid of Kai!

“Kill him, kill him ……”

Li Xing shouted inwardly!

“Huben, don’t you forget that fighting is not allowed within this Imperial City, don’t you dare defy the Demon Emperor’s rules?”

Kai said to that Huben!

As soon as Huben heard that, the palm that he had originally slapped out stopped in mid-air!

He was a great general of the guards, so of course he knew the rules, but he had just been so angry that he had almost broken them!


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