A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2713

“Mr. Chen, Princess Isha, you continue ……”

Elder Pei smiled faintly, then also hurriedly turned around and left!

“Elder Pei, wait a moment ……”

Kai wanted to make Elder Pei wait for a moment and then get rid of Princess Isha!

But Princess Isha was holding onto Kai for dear life and Elder Pei acted as if he hadn’t heard Kai’s shout and quickly left!

“Kai, am I not pretty? Am I not fit? Or am I not good enough for you?”

Princess Isha asked as she stared at Kai!

“No no, it’s quite good and beautiful ……”

Kai said in a hurry.

“Then why are you still trying to avoid me?”

“Do you dislike the fact that I am a demon cultivator? Let me tell you, I am no different from your human women, and what your human women can give you, I can give you just as well!”

“And I can serve you even better than they can, or else you can come with me to try inside the room ……”

Princess Isha said, and was about to drag Kai into the room!

Kai was shocked, he did not expect Princess Isha to be so bold, the two people did not know each other very well, but to drag himself into the room, and then do double exercise!

“No, no, no …… I think it’s better for us to get to know each other better, maybe if we get to know each other longer, you’ll find that I’m not the kind of person you like.”

Kai said as he hurriedly broke free!

“Are you stupid? There is a woman sent to your door and you don’t even want it, are you a man?”

Princess Isha looked at Kai incredulously, in her opinion, when a woman takes the initiative, a man is usually unable to refuse!

Not to mention that her figure and appearance, as well as her status, were one of a kind, and many men would fall for her, but now that she had taken the initiative, Kai still dared to refuse!

“I think this kind of thing, it’s better not to force, first get to know more ……”

Kai finished speaking and quickly left!

Princess Isha looked at Kai’s back and her good feeling for Kai grew even stronger!

“Kai, I will definitely not let you escape from me, I will definitely be your woman!”

Princess Isha said with a faint smile!


Within the Great Hall of Demon Emperor City!

Demon Emperor Yih sipped his tea beautifully, if Kai could follow Isha and get together, he was all for it with both hands!

No matter what, Kai was the Lord of the Heavenly Dragon Hall, and his status was many times higher than that of Li Xing!

It was only that Emperor Yih had never dared to think of allowing his daughter to follow Kai, which was why he had offered to marry Isha to Li Xing!

If he had known, he would never have allowed Isha to marry Ming Li King City!

“Father-in-law ……”

At this moment, Li Xing walked in with a huff!

When he saw Knight Star, Ichthus Demon Emperor’s face did not have the same joyful look as before, but asked with a calm face “What’s wrong?”

“Father-in-law, that Isha is with a human man, do you know about this situation?”

Li Xing asked Emperor Yih’s demon!

“En, I know!” The Ikh Demon Emperor nodded his head.

He knew that this human man that Knight Star was asking about was definitely Kai!

“Father-in-law, what is that human man’s identity? Why is he in Demon Emperor City?”

Knight Star asked in an unkind tone.

“Are you questioning me?”

Yih Demon Emperor’s eyes faintly stared, and his face instantly turned icy cold as he said “This is my Demon Emperor City, do I have to report to you about anyone?”

Li Xing felt the icy cold aura on Yih’s Demon Emperor and hurriedly apologized, “Father-in-law, I didn’t mean that, I was just curious ……”

“Well, you should not call me father-in-law in the future, you and Isha have not yet completed their marriage, if you call me that, you will be laughed at.”

“Didn’t you say that you would make Isha fall in love with you? It’s up to you whether you can make Isha marry you or not, I’ve done all I need to do.”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor said coldly!


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