A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2712

“Li Xing, you’ve come just in time, I advise you to go back quickly , I already have a sweetheart.”

“His name is Kai, he’s my boyfriend, the two of us have been together for a long time, and I’ve spoiled his child.”

Princess Isha snuggled up to Kai with a happy look on her face!

With these words, Princess Isha almost didn’t send Kai away, Kai looked at Princess Isha incredulously!

Since when did he have a child after Princess Isha?

Although Kai knew that Princess Isha was doing this to stimulate that Knight Star, but joking about his innocence, Kai felt a bit inappropriate!

And after hearing Princess Isha’s words, that Li Xing’s entire body froze instantly, followed by an outburst of endless anger!

It was only an instant before Li Xing’s anger died down and a cold smile appeared on his face!

“Isha, are you trying to use this method to make me give up? You’re not even pregnant, and even your body is still intact.”

“You forget that our beast physique cannot follow human bonding, how could you possibly spoil a human child.”

“I was so close to being tricked by you!”

Li Xing said to Isha, then looked at Kai and said “Kid, I don’t care where Isha found you, disappear from here right now, or I will eat you alive and turn you into a pile of white bones!”

As Li Xing said this, his face began to twist and a tiger’s head appeared, opening its bloody mouth and hissing twice towards Kai!

Li Xing then reverted back to his human form and looked at Kai coldly!

“So it’s a tiger monster, but I’m following Isha because I truly love each other, do I have to leave if you want me to?”

“And my ancestor is Wu Song, who specializes in fighting tigers ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

When Isha heard Kai say this, the smile on her face grew even stronger and she hugged Kai even tighter!

Seeing this, Li Xing was so angry that his body began to tremble slightly, his teeth clenched, and a terrifying aura once again enveloped Kai’s head!

“A small cultivator at the junior level of the Harmonious Body Realm, and you dare to speak to me like that!”

Li Xing glared at Kai angrily, ready to strike at him!

“Li Xing, you dare to strike in my Demon Emperor City, you have too much guts ……”

Seeing that Knight Star was about to strike at Kai, Isha hurriedly stepped forward and blocked Kai’s path!

After all, this Knight Star was a fifth grade cultivator of the Harmony Realm, and Kai, who had just advanced to the Harmony Realm, could not possibly be a match for Knight Star!

“Isha, get out of my way, I’m going to kill this guy who doesn’t know the sky is high and break your mind!”

Knight Star said coldly to Princess Isha!

“Impossible, if you want to touch Kai, strike at me first!”

Princess Isha said with a firm face!

“Good, then don’t blame me for being rude, I’ll control you first, before killing this kid!”

Li Xing said and was about to strike at Princess Isha!

But at that very moment, a huge aura attacked him, instantly blowing away the terrifying pressure emanating from Li Xing!

“Prince Knight Star, what’s the matter that’s so furious? And to strike within our Imperial City, isn’t it a bit too much to put the people of our Demon Emperor City in your sights?”

Elder Pei slowly walked over, and although his face was wearing a smile, the tone of his words seemed icy cold!

“Elder Pei, Isha she ……”

“Prince Knight Star, as I said, the rules of our Demon Emperor City do not allow strikes within the Imperial City, and I don’t want to hear your reasons, any reasons at all.”

Elder Pei didn’t wait for Knight Star to finish, and once again said coldly!

Li Xing looked at Elder Pei in front of him and could only helplessly withdraw his outburst of aura, and then looked at Kai with killing intent and said “Kid, you wait for me, I will show you my power, don’t leave this Imperial City for the rest of your life if you have the ability.”

When Li Xing finished speaking, he turned around and left in a huff!


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