A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2711

“Hall Master, what did that Ming Li King City steal from you? I’ll just step in and ask for it back for you.”

The Ikh Demon Emperor asked!

“According to what you said about that Knight King’s character, he won’t give back what he stole.”

“What he stole was my God King’s bow ……”

Kai said indifferently!

“The God King’s Bow?” Yih suddenly exclaimed with a surprised expression!

This Divine King’s Bow was an ancient divine weapon that many people could only dream of, and he had never expected that the Divine King’s Bow would be in Kai’s hands!

“Do you think it’s possible for you to get my God King Bow back if that Knight King stole it from me?”

Kai asked!

Demon Emperor Yih hurriedly shook his head “Let alone the Divine King’s Bow, even if it was an ordinary divine weapon, I guess that Knight King would not return it.”

“But how does Hall Master know that that divine King’s Bow was stolen from King Ming Li City?”

Kai smiled lightly “My God King’s Bow was stolen by a Mole Monster, and in this area, apart from your Demon Emperor City, there are only Mole Monsters in Ming Li King City.

“That’s right, I gave an order that mole monsters are not allowed to steal, so in that case, that God King’s Bow is probably in the hands of that Knight King.”

“But I’ve already brought King Li’s son, Li Xing, to the Imperial City and brought a bride-price with me, how can this marriage be called off?”

“If I let that Knight Star go back directly, it will definitely cause that Knight King to be displeased ……”

Ichthus Demon Emperor said with a slight dilemma!

“Father, there is no need for you to say, I will go to that Knight Star myself and say, I don’t like him at all, yet you prefer to marry me to him.”

At this moment, Princess Isha surprisingly pushed her way through the door with a discontented face!

“Isha, I …… am also thinking of the imperial city!”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor sighed!

In fact, he also knew how King Li was, and that like father, like son, Li Xing’s nature was also ferocious to the extreme, but for the sake of the entire Imperial City, Ikh Demon Emperor had to sacrifice his own daughter!

“Hmph, all you know all day is for the Demon Emperor City, when have you ever thought about me?”

Isha roared in discontent!

“Isha, you are a demon beast, you can’t follow a human bond, you need to recognize the reality before you do.”

The Ikh Demon Emperor knew that Isha only liked humans, but that just wasn’t realistic!

“I just like humans, why is that unrealistic? I like Kai, he’s also human, the two of us together, we’ll definitely be fine.”

Isha said, going so far as to step forward and wrap her arms around Kai!

Kai was stunned and looked a little embarrassed for a moment!

On the contrary, when the Ichthus Demon Emperor saw this, a few smiles flashed across his face, because he knew Kai’s status, so there would be no problem with Isha following Kai around!

“A female is not a father, do what you want, I don’t care ……”

After saying this, the Ichthus Demon Emperor turned around and surprisingly walked away!

He was just leaving space for the two of them, Isha and Kai!

As he watched the Ichthus Demon Emperor leave, Kai was somewhat helpless, and he could see through that Ichthus Demon Emperor’s mind!

“Princess Isha, men and women are not related, not to mention your fiancé is still here, it’s not good to be seen by him!”

Kai tried to break free, but he was being held by Isha in a deadly embrace!

“Don’t talk nonsense, I don’t have a fiancé, I like you, whether you agree with me or not, I just like you anyway.”

“If you don’t want me, then I’ll just have to die, I’m not going to marry that Knight Star anyway.”

Isha had a capricious face.

But Kai knew that this Princess Isha said she would definitely do it!

“Isha, who is this guy?”

At this moment, Li Xing’s icy voice came through!

One could only see Li Xing’s face hardened to the point of no return, a thick killing intent rose from his body, and a terrifying aura instantly enveloped Kai in it!


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