A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2710

“Mr Chan ……”

Upon seeing Kaizhi, the Ichthus Demon Emperor hurriedly stepped forward and bowed slightly!

While Elder Pei was at the back with his head lowered and his face full of shock, he didn’t say a word!

Kai followed Emperor Yih into the Imperial City and did not let Elder Pei follow, for Kai had some things to ask after Emperor Yih!

After entering the room, Kai asked straightforwardly, “Yi He, how much do you know about the Ming Li King City?”

Hearing Kai ask about Ming Li King City, Demon Emperor Yi He was slightly stunned and hurriedly said, “Hall Master, I know quite a lot about Ming Li King City, after all, King Li and I are considered neighbours, and our two families have more interaction!”

“I plan to marry my daughter to King Li’s son, so that our two families can be joined in marriage, and then we will have a little more say in the beast race!”

“I wonder what the Hall Master is doing asking about Ming Li King City?”

Listening to Yih Demon Emperor’s words, Kai pondered slightly “Then what do you think of this Knight King as a person?”

“Very ambitious, extremely greedy, and an unscrupulous fellow!”

Without hesitation, Yih said the characteristics of King Li!

Kai was stunned and said with a face full of disbelief “Since this guy is so bad, you still married your daughter to their family?”

Ihe Demon Emperor let out a bitter smile and said, “Hall Master, you don’t know, if I don’t follow the marriage of the Ming Li King City and reach a cooperation, maybe other people will find the Ming Li King City to cooperate!”

“At that time, this Demon Emperor City will only end up being divided up, there is no room for resistance at all, so I can only sacrifice my little daughter.”

“Besides, after following the Ming Li King City to unite, we will be able to attack the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle’s Eagle King Cave together, this Eagle King Cave has a ten thousand year old Heavenly Thunder Tree inside, I heard that this tree was struck by ninety eight hundred and eleven heavenly thunderbolts and still survived.”

“The Heavenly Thunder Fruits borne on this tree are a good cultivation resource ……”

When mentioning this Heavenly Thunder Tree, there was clearly a bit of greed in the eyes of the Ichthus Demon Emperor!

“Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle?”

“The Heavenly Thunder Tree?”

Kai frowned slightly, puzzled, “Could this Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle also be one of the Three Emperors and Four Kings?”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor shook his head “No, the entire beast race has many other beast races that are not governed by us, apart from our Three Emperors and Four Kings.”

“This Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle is one of them, he is not under the jurisdiction of my Demon Emperor City or King Li’s King City, this fellow doesn’t listen to anyone because there is the Heavenly Thunder Tree within his cave!”

“For so many years, although there have been people who have hit the idea of the Heavenly Thunder Tree, but they have all returned in defeat, after that no one is hitting the Bloodthirsty Thunder Eagle alone, if they get their strength damaged, they are likely to be eaten by others.”

“That Knight King and I both once thought of leading an attack on the Eagle King’s Cave, but no one dared to do it, after all, we had to guard against each other!”

“Now after my Demon Emperor City follows the cooperation of the Ming Li King City, we will be able to attack the Eagle King Cave together and divide the Heavenly Thunder Tree!”

After Yih’s Demon Emperor’s explanation, Kai sort of understood that demonic beasts like the Bloodthirsty Thunder Hawk should be considered as casual cultivators among cultivators, and did not submit to any one power!

“How much sincerity do you think that Knight King has in joining forces with you?”

Kai asked.

“This …… this subordinate does not know.”

The Ikh Demon Emperor shook his head.

Demon Emperor Yih simply didn’t know that in King Li’s eyes, the marriage alliance was nothing more than a front, while what he really wanted was the entire Demon Emperor City!

“You should not follow King Li’s cooperation for the time being, I have an item stolen by Ming Li King City, I need to retrieve it first!”

Kai said to the Ikh Demon Emperor!


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