A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2709

Demon Emperor City!

The Ikh Demon Emperor has returned with Knight Star!

To show his sincerity, Knight Star brought a lot of bride-price gifts and a dozen of attendants along with him!

When the crowd arrived at the gate, Huben, who was the Grand General of the Imperial City Guards, personally led his men to greet them at the gate!

Only, when he saw Knight Star, his expression clearly changed!

After all, he did know that Li Xing also liked Princess Isa, and that the Ichthus Demon Emperor also had the intention of marrying Princess Isa to Li Xing.

Now that Knight Star had come with his entourage and brought so many things with him, Huben knew that he must have come to welcome Princess Isha!

But Huben, as a general guard, was only a guard of the Imperial City, so he could not follow Prince Li Xing!

After greeting the Ichthus Demon Emperor and Li Xing into the city, Huben left with an unhappy face, because he didn’t want to see Li Xing and Princess Isha in a pair!

“Father, you’re back? What on earth have you been doing? You didn’t bring me along either ……”

Princess Isha said as she rushed out when she saw that the Ichthus Demon Emperor had returned!

“Isha ……”

Li Xing shouted with a happy face after seeing Princess Isha!

Only then did Princess Isha see Li Xing, and when she saw Li Xing, the smile on her face instantly disappeared, replaced by a face full of ice coldness as she asked “Li Xing, what are you doing here in our Demon Emperor City?”

“Isha, why are you talking after Knight Star, I am going to Ming Li King City this time to propose my marriage, this time Knight Star is coming with me to welcome you back.”

Said the Ikh Demon Emperor!

When Princess Isha heard this, she frowned and said with an unhappy face “Father, who told you to betroth me to that Li Xing? I don’t like him at all, have you asked my opinion?”

“Anyway, I won’t marry, if you want to marry, you can do it yourself, I have a sweetheart ……”

Princess Isha finished her sentence, turned around in a huff and ran away!

“That child, it’s so unlike her ……”

The Ichthus Demon Emperor’s face was red with anger!

When Li Xing heard Princess Isha’s words, his face was also very unpleasant, but it was only a flash of light, he hurriedly said to the Ichthus Demon Emperor “Father-in-law, don’t be too anxious, I will make Isha fall in love with me ……”

“Li Xing, this Isha girl is just spoiled by me, you stay here for some more time, when you develop a relationship, it will be fine ……”

Ih the demon emperor said!

“I understand, I will try my best!”

Knightstar nodded!

The Ikh Demon Emperor sent someone to arrange accommodation for Knight Star and the entourage he brought, while Knight Star kept going to Isha to chat and talk, only to receive only blank stares from Isha, who simply ignored him.

But Li Xing was not angry or discouraged, he kept on going to Isha to talk to her!

A day later, Demon Emperor Yih was resting his eyes, now he was hoping that Isha would change her attitude, so that after her marriage to Li Xing, their Demon Emperor City could unite with the Ming Li King City!

As long as their two families united, then he, the Demon Emperor City, would not have to be afraid of the beast lineage in the Celestial Human Realm, and more importantly, after the two families united, they would be able to join hands to plunder the territories of other demon kings, after all, no one would mind having a large territory.

“Demon Emperor, Mr. Chen requests an audience ……”

Just as Demon Emperor Yih was resting his eyes, Elder Pei suddenly came to report!

As soon as Demon Emperor Yih heard that Kai had arrived, he stood up from his chair with a scuffle and ran out in a panic!

Although the others did not know about it, Emperor Yih knew about it, so he did not dare to neglect it!

When Elder Pei looked at the panicked look of the Ikh Demon Emperor, he was full of doubts, not understanding why the Ikh Demon Emperor was so respectful to Kai and even went to greet him personally!


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