A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2707

Early the next morning!

Kai walked out from inside his room, many of the Jade Tripod Sect disciples greeted Kai with great enthusiasm when they saw him, after all, it was thanks to Kai that the Jade Tripod Sect was able to escape this time.

In addition, yesterday, Kai had killed Ochre Yan by relying on his early stage of the Harmonious Body realm, and had also beaten the Second Elder without a fight, all these had deeply stimulated these disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect!

One must know that in this Celestial Realm, the strongest is the most respected, and as long as you are strong, you will be respected by people!

Kai also greeted those disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect with enthusiasm, now Kai seemed to have integrated into the Jade Tripod Sect and had become a part of it himself!

As for the matter of the Medicine Pavilion, Kai had thought about it, those were the resources of the Jade Tripod Sect, although Kai wanted to have them, but now that Liu Ruyan was the head of the sect, Kai couldn’t just raid the Jade Tripod Sect’s family fortune!

After knocking on the door, Liu Ruyan’s voice rang out “Who is it? Come in ……”

Kai pushed the door and walked in, finding Liu Ruyan sitting on a chair with a slight redness on her face, apparently yesterday’s Huanhuan San hadn’t completely dissipated from Liu Ruyan’s body!

When she saw that it was Kai, Liu Ruyan’s face instantly turned even redder and she explained with a slightly embarrassed look “Kai, last night …… I didn’t do anything last night, right? I don’t know what happened, I suddenly lost control a bit and didn’t know what I was doing.”

“Oh, it’s okay, you didn’t do anything last night!”

Kai said with a faint smile!

“So what’s the matter with you coming to see me so early?”

Liu Ruyan asked!

“I came to say goodbye to you, I still have some important things to take care of, so I had to leave!”

Kai said bluntly!

“What is it? Can I help you? All the disciples of my Jade Tripod Sect can be at your disposal.”

Liu Ruyan asked with great concern!

“No, you guys won’t be able to help.” Kai smiled and shook his head!

Liu Ruyan was silent for a moment, then she mustered up the courage to say, “Kai, after you leave, will you come back?”

“If you want, I can hand over the Jade Tripod Sect to you, and then you will be the Jade Tripod Sect leader, including myself ……”

Liu Ruyan was still trying her best to win Kai over, she wanted Kai to stay!

At this moment, Liu Ruyan’s eyes were dripping with affectionate feelings!

This time, Liu Ruyan was sincerely hoping that Kai could stay, she was not using Kai’s strength, but she really liked Kai!

To say that in the past, Liu Ruyan offered herself, including promising Kai many benefits, was to get Kai to help her take back the Jade Tripod Sect!

But now that the Jade Tripod Sect had been retaken, Liu Ruyan was pleading with Kai to stay, and that was true love!

During this period of time, Liu Ruyan had been deeply convinced by Kai and had fallen in love with him. She was willing to give up the Jade Tripod Sect to Kai for his sake, willing to be a husband and teach her children!

But Liu Ruyan knew that her offer might not be very tempting to Kai, after all, she had taken so much initiative last night, and had even used the Huanhuan San, but had failed to take Kai down!

“Miss Liu, if there is time, I will definitely come back, and if the Jade Tripod Sect has any difficulties, you can summon me at any time!”

“Now although the Jade Tripod Sect is settled, but that Hu Yixiao has escaped, I’m sure he won’t rest in peace, so you have to watch out for him as well.”

“I’ve made some simple sound transmission jade slips, if there’s any danger in the Jade Tripod Sect, you can find me at any time!”

Kai handed the sound transmission jade slips he had made to Liu Ruyan!

Liu Ruyan held the sound transmission jade slip Kai had made, tears swirling in her eyes!


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