A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2705

You know that a weapon that you can use while in your hand can instantly boost your strength by quite a bit. Right now, Kai only has a full dragon bell to use, but it can’t be exposed too often!

Kai had to search for Su Yuqi and the girls later on, and he also had to go to the Fire Burning Sect to rescue the Alchemy Sect Master, which of these things was not a life of nine deaths, so there was no way Kai would let Nie Heng follow him!

Nie Heng knelt on the ground and thought for a moment in silence, “Thank you, Mr. Chen, I understand. ……”

Nie Heng seemed to have an understanding, so he got up and followed Kai to thank him, then retreated from Kai’s room!

After Nie Heng left, Kai sat on his knees, quietly remembering today’s battle!

Kai knew that if he hadn’t been able to break through at the Pill Pond and obtain that Inferno Devil Supreme Flame, he wouldn’t have had much of a chance of winning today’s battle after that Ochre Ancestor.

With his current strength, if he was in the secular world, he would have no more enemies, but when he arrived at the Celestial Realm, he would have to be careful everywhere, for there were many strong people in the Celestial Realm, and Kai, with his strength at the early stage of the Harmonious Body Realm, would have to be careful!

At this moment, Kai was eager to break through the tribulation, as long as he succeeded in the tribulation, he would be able to sense the origin and follow the cultivators before the tribulation!

If he succeeded in the tribulation, he would be considered a half-immortal body and would be able to comprehend the origin of heaven and earth, and by then, all his techniques and arts, including his control of the supreme fire, would reach a new level!

Even one’s divine sense and mind would be greatly enhanced.

But how easy is it to cross the tribulation? How many cultivators have died during the tribulation period, their bodies vanishing, their efforts of decades or even centuries reduced to nothing.

“Hey, I don’t know how the secular world is doing ……”

Kai sighed and thought of his mother in the secular world, Ji Ru Xue, Hu Pazi and the others!

Now that the secular world’s secret realm has collapsed and the aura has recovered, Kai wondered if the martial dao of the secular world would decline in this way, or if the secular world would cause strife from all sides due to the recovery of the aura!

In the end, Kai got a headache from thinking about it, so he just stopped thinking about it and started to sleep with his head covered!

While Kai was sleeping, the palace of the Ming Li King City was still lit up!

The King of Li was sitting in the main seat, and at the head of the King of Li sat a distinguished guest!

This guest of honour was none other than the Ikh Demon Emperor!

“King Li, I hope you won’t be offended by my presumptuous visit this time ……”

Ikh Demon Emperor said in an embarrassed manner.

“Hahahaha, what are the words of Demon Emperor Yih, do you and I still need to be so polite?”

King Li said with a laugh.

“That’s right, you and I have been close to each other for so many years, we don’t need to be so polite.”

“I came this time to follow King Li to discuss the marriage, now that my daughter has reached the age of marriage, I would like to ask if King Li would like to be my in-laws?”

The Ikh Demon Emperor asked!

“Of course, I would love to be in-laws with the Ikh emperor, not to mention that my son has always liked your daughter!”

King Li said and shouted outside, “Xing’er, come in quickly and pay your respects to your father-in-law. ……”

Soon, a man with clear eyebrows and fair skin, like a girl, came in!

After that, he knelt down in front of Emperor Yih’s demon with a happy face and said “My son-in-law pays respects to my father-in-law ……”

“Hahahaha, Knight Star quickly get up, there is no need to perform this big salute ……”

Ichthus Demon Emperor hurriedly helped Li Xing up, then Ichthus Demon Emperor said to King Li “King Li, I think the sooner the two of them get married, the better, tomorrow let Li Xing return to the Demon Emperor City with me, when the time comes, directly pick up the youngest daughter!”

“No problem, it’s up to you.” King Li nodded happily, then said to Knight Star “Star, take your father-in-law to rest, and go with your father-in-law to welcome Isha back tomorrow!”

“Got it!” Knight Star nodded, then took Ichthus Demon Emperor and left!


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