A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2704

“Mr. Chen, I have some business for you, may I come in?”

Nie Heng asked to Kai!

“This …………”

Kai was a little hesitant , after all, Liu Ruyan was still inside the room, if Nie Heng saw that, he was afraid that he would misunderstand!

Just as Kai was hesitating, Nie Heng, however, looked through the doorway and saw Liu Ruyan who was lying on the table, Liu Ruyan was very conspicuous in a big red dress!

“So the Patriarch is here, I’m really sorry, I’ll come to see Mr. Chen some other time ……”

Nie Heng found that Liu Ruyan was there, hurriedly followed Kai to apologize and was about to leave!

“Don’t go!” Seeing this, Kai hurriedly stopped Nie Heng and didn’t let him leave!

If Nie Heng left like that, there would definitely be a misunderstanding, and it was possible that the entire Jade Tripod Sect would know that Liu Ruyan had been in his room on a big night!

Kai didn’t want to cause such a misunderstanding, it wouldn’t be good for Liu Ruyan either, Liu Ruyan was obviously a yellow flower girl, if after the misunderstanding, Liu Ruyan’s innocence would be gone.

If there was a misunderstanding, Liu Ruyan’s innocence would be gone. If Liu Ruyan blackmailed himself with this and followed him, Kai could not refuse!

“Come in, Miss Liu just came over to thank me and had a few more drinks ……”

Kai pulled Nie Heng into the room, then said “You send two disciples to send your patriarch back ……”

Nie Heng walked into the room and found that Liu Ruyan was indeed sleeping and her clothes were intact, knowing that he had misunderstood, he hurriedly nodded and called for two disciples to send Liu Ruyan back to her own room!

At this moment, only Kai and Nie Heng were left inside the room!

Nie Heng suddenly knelt down for Kai and said, “Mr. Chen, now that you have soaked in the medicinal pool, are you leaving the Jade Tripod Sect?”

“Where are you going next?”

“I haven’t thought about where to go, why are you asking this?” Kai asked, looking at Nie Heng in amazement!

“Mr. Chen, over this period of time, I’ve discovered that Mr. Chen’s strength is unfathomable, and I want to follow Mr. Chen and be his little follower!”

Nie Heng said with a face full of sincerity!

“Be my follower?” Kai was slightly stunned “You’ve just been made an elder, do you not even want the position of elder?”

“No, as a cultivator, whether it’s to be an elder or an ordinary cultivator, it’s all about being able to raise your cultivation and one day ascend to immortality.”

“Even if I become an elder of the Jade Tripod Sect, I will not have the day to ascend to immortality, so I might as well follow Mr. Chen!”

Nie Heng said without hesitation!

“Can you become an immortal just by following me?”

“I don’t even know if I can become an immortal myself.” Kai said with a faint smile.

“At the very least, following Mr. Chen will give you a run for your money, I’m sure you will be able to soar to immortality by following Mr. Chen!”

Nie Heng said with a face full of certainty!

“Hahahaha, you also believe in me too much, but let me tell you, whether you can become an immortal by following me, I don’t know, but you will definitely lose your life sooner or later.”

“The enemies and dangers I face are simply beyond your imagination, so you should just step down and become an elder in the Jade Tripod Sect.”

“In fact, even if you become an immortal, you still live the same life, trying to make your life meaningful is what’s important.”

Kai said with a chuckle!

Kai himself knew the dangers he faced behind him, and if Nie Heng followed him, I was afraid he wouldn’t survive for long!

What Kai needed to do now was to get back the Divine King’s Bow as soon as possible, but the Ming Li King’s City was not that easy to break into, even Yi He’s Demon Emperor City was not as strong as this Ming Li King’s City, so it was clear how strong this Ming Li King’s City was!

But even if it was a tiger’s den, Kai still had to find a way to get back the Divine Bow. Without the Divine Bow, and with the sword spirit Zhong Li injured, the power of the Dragon Cutting Sword was damaged, and Kai had no weapon in his hands!


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