A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2702

“Ah ………… I’m not happy with it, I’m not happy with it ……”

The Second Elder hissed, he was simply unwilling, only now, even if he was unwilling, there was nothing he could do to turn back!

“Whether you are willing or not, the result is death ……”

Kai said, about to kill the Second Elder with a single stroke of his sword!

“Kai, wait a moment ……”

Liu Ruyan stopped Kai!

Kai looked at Liu Ruyan and asked “What’s wrong?”

“This guy poisoned my father, I want to kill him with my own hands.”

Liu Ruyan said as she glared at the Second Elder!

Seeing this, Kai slowly put away the Dragon Cutting Sword!

“Hmph, Liu Ruyan, even if I am injured, there is no way you are my opponent ……”

The Second Elder coldly snorted when he saw that Liu Ruyan still wanted to kill himself!

Although Liu Ruyan had broken through to the Combined Body realm, there was still a few realms difference following him, there was no way she could be his opponent!

“What if in addition to me ……”

The Third Elder rang up a step and stood after Liu Ruyan!

Without any more nonsense, the two men launched their attack directly at the Second Elder!

After some tangled struggle, the Second Elder’s head was directly chopped off by Liu Ruyan’s sword!

Looking at the corpse of the Second Elder, Liu Ruyan’s tears gushed out wildly!

“Father, I have finally avenged you ……”

Liu Ruyan fell to her knees!

Seeing this, all the disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect also fell to their knees, expressing their loyalty to Liu Ruyan!

Although the Jade Tripod Sect had suffered heavy losses after the battle, with only the three elders remaining and more than half of the sect’s disciples dead and wounded, after driving away Hu Yixiao and eliminating the Second Elder, Liu Ruyan had finally become the Jade Tripod Sect leader as she wished!

Liu Ruyan slowly got up and then looked at Kai, she knew that she was able to succeed because of Kai!

The Third Elder, as well as Fang Shu and the others, also looked at Kai with gratitude.

At this moment, only Nie Heng’s expression was a little complicated, he was originally Hu Yixiao’s eldest disciple, but because he had been pinched by Kai, he had no choice but to obey Kai’s orders!

Now that Hu Yixiao had run away, the Second Elder had died, and Liu Ruyan had become the Patriarch, Nie Heng didn’t know what would happen to him in the future!

Kai glanced at Nie Heng, understanding what was in Nie Heng’s mind, and with a faint smile and a flick of his palm, Nie Heng’s Fate Soul instantly returned to Nie Heng’s body!

Nie Heng looked at Kai in surprise, he didn’t expect Kai to be so generous as to return his life soul to himself!

At this moment, Liu Ruyan also looked at Nie Heng, and then said, “Nie Heng, since you didn’t help the traitors by helping us to clean up the traitors together, I’m now appointing you as an elder of the Jade Tripod Sect to take over your master’s position!”

Liu Ruyan’s words instantly left Nie Heng frozen on the spot, and it took him half a day to react and hastily fall to his knees!

“Many thanks, Eldest Miss ……”

Nie Heng was ecstatic, it seemed that instead of reprimanding him, Liu Ruyan had even made him an elder!

Now that Nie Heng’s life-soul had returned and he had also become an elder of the Jade Tripod Sect, all of this was due to Kai, if Nie Heng had still followed Hu Yixiao down a path at this point, he might have become a corpse by now!

Liu Ruyan sent people to clean up the scene and repair the Jade Tripod Sect again, while they went to the Third Elder’s quarters!

There were still some intact houses to live in!

It’s late afternoon!

Everyone was tired and went to bed early because they had just been through a big battle.

But the light was still on in Kai’s room, and he was in a difficult situation!

Kai could now go to the Jade Tripod Pill Pond unhindered and absorb the spiritual energy in the pond to improve his cultivation!

However, if he continued to absorb without restraint, the Jade Tripod Sect’s Pill Pond would definitely be ruined!

If Kai hadn’t considered it when Hu Yixiao was the clan master, it wouldn’t have mattered if the pill pool was absorbed and ruined.

But now that Liu Ruyan had become the head of the Jade Tripod Sect, it would be a bit embarrassing if Kai ruined the Pill Pond!

After all, many disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect relied on the spiritual energy within the Pill Pond for their breakthroughs.


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