A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2701

“Don’t panic everyone, I know Ochre Yan’s strength, it must be this Kai who used some underhanded trick, but even if this Kai defeated Ochre Yan, he must have been seriously injured, there’s no need to fear him at all!”

“You guys just take this opportunity to take revenge for Ochre Yan ……”

The Second Elder was afraid that those demonic cultivators would escape, so he shouted!

Hearing the Second Elder say so, those devil cultivators who originally had no fighting spirit all reacted at this moment!

The fight between Kai and Ochre Yan just now was astonishing, even if Kai had killed Ochre Yan, it was impossible for Kai himself to remain unharmed!

Even if Kai had killed Ochre Yan, it was unlikely that Kai himself would have been unharmed! Maybe Kai was at the end of his rope, deliberately pretending to be relaxed, when in fact he had been seriously injured!

Kai looked at the Second Elder coldly, and then his eyes were full of disdain, “Even if I am wounded, if I want to kill you, it is only a matter of raising my hand and foot ……”

“Do you dare to fight with me?”

Kai deliberately provoked the Second Elder, since the Second Elder said he was seriously injured and had nothing to fear at all.

If the Second Elder dared to fight, then Kai could easily destroy the Second Elder one-on-one, but if the Second Elder didn’t dare to fight, then what he had just said would definitely be suspected by those demon cultivators!

The Second Elder didn’t expect Kai to play this game, he had intended for these demonic cultivators to follow Kai and fight for his life, but in that case, the Second Elder would only be able to face Kai alone!

The Second Elder also knew the pros and cons, if he didn’t agree to Kai, then his side would fall apart in an instant!

“Kai, don’t get cocky, what wouldn’t I dare to do, watch how I kill you.”

The Second Elder’s eyes were filled with killing intent, then he lunged towards Kai!

The Second Elder knew that the key now lay in Kai, as long as Kai was killed, the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan and the others would instantly lose their fighting spirit!

“You really dare to go on, just this bit of your ability is even worse than that Ochre Amazing, and you still think of killing me ……”

The corners of Kai’s mouth lifted, his face full of disdain, which made the Second Elder even more furious!

The second elder’s eyebrows surged with light, and then a golden flying sword appeared out of thin air, and countless flying swords formed a strong storm that surrounded Kai!

“Comparing sword intent with me? You’re still a bit short ……”

Kai laughed coldly and instantly took out the Zenglong Sword, even though the Zenglong Sword Spirit, Zhong Li, had not yet returned, the Zenglong Sword alone, a precious sword, was not comparable to ordinary divine weapons!

With a flick of the Zenglong Sword in Kai’s hand, the sky was filled with sword Qi!

The Second Elder’s flying sword and Kai’s sword qi collided with each other with a deafening sound, and the entire Jade Tripod Sect began to shake violently!

The Second Elder was instantly injured by the terrifying sword qi, and his entire body flew backwards!

Regardless of whether Kai was injured or not, with Kai’s sword just now, the Second Elder already knew that he was no match for Kai!

“Everyone, follow me and fight together, once we kill this Kai, the Jade Tripod Sect will be ours ……”

The Second Elder knew that there was no way for him to defeat Kai by fighting alone, so he wanted to unite his disciples and those demonic cultivators to take on Kai together!

Only, no matter how much the Second Elder shouted, none of them moved!

No one was a fool, the situation before him was so obvious that the Second Elder was bound to lose, so who would follow him to his death!

The demonic cultivators brought by Ochre Yan saw this and burst into flames, disappearing without a trace in an instant, and Kai didn’t bother to chase after them!

And the disciples of the Second Elder’s lineage were all kneeling down and surrendering, following Liu Ruyan and begging, begging that their lives could be spared!

As the Second Elder watched this scene, his whole body fell into a frenzy, he had calculated for a long time, but in the end, he had failed.


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