A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2700

Hearing Ochre Yan’s words, Kai was indeed moved by this fellow’s words… Kai knew very little about the Demon race in the Celestial Realm, let alone the Inferno Demon lineage, which Kai didn’t understand at all!

If Kai wanted to make the Supreme Flame within him powerful, it looked like he really had to find a demon cultivator from the Inferno Demon lineage to do so.

“Fine, I will spare your life ……”

Kai finished speaking and gathered up his own Supreme Flame, then swallowed Ochre Yan’s original Supreme Flame in one gulp!

After sealing Ochre Yan’s True Life Supreme Flame with his spiritual power again, Kai directly threw this Supreme Flame into the Sea of Consciousness!

In this way, Kai was able to follow Ochre Yan’s communication without any obstacles, and Kai was able to get some information about the Inferno Demon lineage from Ochre Yan’s body!

After taking Ochre Yan in, that spatial spell instantly began to tremble and collapse!

Looking at the faltering spatial spell, Kai smiled coldly, and then reached out with a wave of his hand, and spiritual energy gushed out in all directions!

In an instant, the spatial spell instantly crumbled, and Kai’s figure slowly began to appear!

Although the two were in the middle of a spatial spell, the violent vibrations in the void still allowed the crowd to feel the intensity of their battle!

With the collapse of the spatial spell, everyone knew that the battle between Kai and Ochre Yan was over!

“It’s definitely Ochre Yan who has won, he’s the one with the Inferno Demon lineage’s mastery.”

The Second Elder saw the crumbling spatial spell and a flash of joy appeared on his face, in his opinion, Ochre Yan had laid the spatial spell, he must be using his mastery to kill Kai!

Now that the spatial spell had crumbled, that would prove that the battle was over, Kai must have been decapitated!

Hearing the Second Elder’s words, the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan and the others all had a tremor in their hearts as they all looked forward, expecting Kai to be safe!

“Third Elder, Eldest Miss, don’t worry, Mr. Chen is definitely safe and sound, it will definitely be him who comes out ……”

At this point Nie Heng said with full confidence!

“How are you so sure?”

The Third Elder looked at Nie Heng with great curiosity, because every time Nie Heng had managed to guess correctly, and Nie Heng looked like he had absolute confidence in Kai!

“Yes, how do you know that the one who comes out must be Kai?”

Liu Ruyan also asked as she looked at Nie Heng in confusion.

Nie Heng gave a bitter smile, there was no need for him to hide when things had come to this point, so he said “My life-soul is in Mr. Chen’s hand, if something had really happened to Mr. Chen, I would have been a corpse by now.”

As soon as Nie Heng’s words left his mouth, both the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan were stunned, then overjoyed!

It was only then that the Third Elder understood how, as Hu Yixiao’s eldest disciple, Nie Heng had listened to Kai at every turn and had become extremely nice to the disciples of their lineage!

It turned out that it was because the Fate Soul was being pinched in Kai’s hand, and Nie Heng had to listen to what Kai said.

As Nie Heng’s words fell, Kai’s figure became clearer and clearer, and finally appeared in front of the crowd!

“Mr. Chen, it’s really Mr. Chen ……”

Seeing this, Fang Shu shouted out in excitement.

The Third Elder and Liu Ruyan were also trembling with excitement when they saw Kai appear!

Everyone looked towards Kai with excitement, after all, Kai had just broken through to the Combined Body realm and was able to defeat that Ochre Amazing, it was unbelievable!

The Second Elder had a shocked look on his face, he looked at Kai incredulously, then his eyes looked around Kai, he wanted to see if that Ochre Yan was still alive!

“There’s no need to look, the person you invited here has already been turned into ashes ……”

Kai said with a cold smile!

Kai’s words caused the Second Elder and those demonic cultivators under Ochre Yan to panic!

Now that Ochre Yan was dead, it proved that Kai was definitely stronger than even Ochre Yan, and this shock caused those demonic cultivators that Ochre Yan had brought with him to tremble and have no fighting spirit left!


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