A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2699

“What is this …… situation?”

Ochre Yan did not understand how the Supreme Flame in Kai’s body had also turned into two colours and was not the same colour as his flames as well?

But before Ochre Yan could react, the two flames surrounding Kai’s body instantly fused together, and then unexpectedly also turned into a huge and incomparable yin and yang disc, suppressing towards Ochre Yan!

“Wuji Double Flame? You …… how do you know the mastery of my Inferno Demon lineage?”

Ochre Yan was sort of completely confused, knowing that a strand of the Inferno Demon’s old ancestor’s supreme flame could be stolen and then slowly refined!

But the mastery of their Inferno Demon lineage is not something that anyone can learn!

Now that Kai had even performed the Inferno Demon’s mastery, he was completely dumbfounded, he couldn’t understand how Kai had learnt it!

If Ao Yan knew that the Infinite Twin Flames that Kai had performed had just been refined from his stance, he would probably have been furious!

While Ao Yan was in a daze, Kai’s Wuji Double Flame had already reached the top of Ao Yan’s head!

The tremendous and terrifying power instantly landed on Ao Yan’s head!

“Ahh …………”

This only felt a sharp pain inside his head, and all over his body from the inside out, that scorching heat was very unbearable, this scorching heat was a hundred times stronger than Ochre Yan’s own Supreme Fire!

In a life-and-death situation, this desperately mobilized the spiritual energy in his body to resist, and Ochre’s Supreme Flame was burning fiercely, trying to block the power of the Infinite Twin Flames!

Seeing this, Kai frowned slightly, and several flames waved out from his palm, instantly hitting the Yin Yang Disc, directly increasing the power of the Infinite Twin Flames again!

“Ah …………”

With another miserable cry, Ochre Yan was instantly crushed, his body directly burning violently.

Kai could literally see that Ochre Yan’s body turned into ashes little by little, even the hard skull had turned into slag!

But just as Kai secretly breathed a sigh of relief, a flame suddenly rose up into the air!

“Kai, you wait for me, our Inferno Demon lineage, the supreme fire will not be extinguished, and the divine form will not be destroyed.”

That ball of flame roared harshly, then quickly fled!

Seeing this, Kai’s feet pushed hard and his whole body instantly chased after that flame, it was so hard to kill Ochre Yan, how could Kai let him escape, he must let the other party’s god form perish.

“You can’t escape, you to the fire, stay as my resources ……”

Kai caught up with that flame, then reached out and grabbed it with a fierce grip, directly grabbing the flame in the palm of his hand!

No matter how much that flame struggled, there was no way to escape!

After all, Kai also possessed the most powerful fire in his body, so even when he grabbed the flame, he could not feel the slightest burning sensation at all!

In the palm of Kai’s hand, the Greatest Fire began to rise, wrapping the ochre flame in it and began to absorb and refine it!

If his Flame was absorbed and refined, then he would never be able to come back to life!

“Kai, I’m from the Inferno Demon Clan, you can’t kill me or else our Inferno Demon Clan won’t spare you.”

“Don’t think that we demon cultivators are all street rats, to tell you the truth, in this Celestial Realm, our Inferno Demon Clan is very powerful.”

“Let me go, and I promise not to be your enemy again!”

Ochre Yan began to beg for forgiveness after Kai in a soft and hard way!

But Kai didn’t care at all, the Supreme Flame inside his body was still absorbing and refining Ochre Yan’s flames!

Seeing that Kai was not afraid at all, but he was so afraid that he said, “Please, please spare my life, as long as you spare my life, I can tell you the secret of our Inferno Demon lineage in the Celestial Realm.”

“Although you have the Inferno Demon Ancestor’s Supreme Sacred Flame in your body, it is too little, only a single strand of flame, if you want to make the Supreme Flame in your body strong, you must keep absorbing the Supreme Flame of others.”

“I can help you, without my help, it would be impossible for you to find any demonic cultivator in the Inferno Demon lineage.”

In order to stay alive, Ochre Yan could only betray his fellow clansmen at this point!


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