A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2698

Amazing Ochre didn’t know if the Holy Light Fist was a Demon Mastery, but the power that erupted from this punch sent chills down Ochre’s spine!

Only to see Amazing Ochre’s body quickly retreat, and as it did so, Amazing Ochre’s body emitted a bizarre aura!

This strange aura was dispersing in all directions, and at the same time, the air was rapidly contracting in the entire void.

“Infinite Twin Flames ……”

Accompanied by an explosive cry from Ochre Yan, the rapidly contracting air instantly exploded violently!

For a moment, the void trembled, while Kai’s surroundings were instantly plunged into darkness!

This was to bring Kai into another dimension, this Ochre Yan had actually used a spatial technique!

Kai saw that Ao Yan’s body began to burn, except that the flames were actually two colours, one black and one white, with Ao Yan’s brow as the centre, forming two distinct flames!

The flames on both sides of Amazing Ochre’s body trembled and then continued to merge and coalesce!

In the darkness of space, a very large yin and yang disc appeared above Kai’s head!

And this Yin-Yang disc was made of two different flames!

A terrifying and incomparable power emanated from this Yin-Yang disc and instantly enveloped Kai’s body!

Kai was in the middle of a spatial spell and had no way to dodge!

“Hahahaha, although I don’t know where you stole the Inferno Demon Elder’s Supreme Flame from, but you are still far from being able to use and understand the Supreme Flame.”

“Even if you possessed a strand of the Inferno Demon Elder’s Supreme Flame, you wouldn’t be able to make use of it, and you wouldn’t be able to fight me at all!”

Seeing Kai being completely suppressed by himself, Ochre Amazing laughed out loud in a reckless manner!

This Infinite Twin Flames was considered the most powerful move of their Inferno Demon lineage, not many people knew this mastery, and it took him, Ochre Yan, a lot of hard work to learn some of the skin of this Infinite Twin Flames!

But even if it was just a few hints, against someone like Kai who had just broken through to the Harmonious Body realm, it was still a way to kill a chicken with a bull’s eye!

Kai felt the pressure from above his head and looked at the spinning Yin Yang Disc, but Kai didn’t move a muscle and sat down with a poof!

Since there was no way to escape in the space spell, Kai simply sat down!

Immediately afterwards, his body burst into flames and his divine sense spread out rapidly, slowly meeting the attack of Ochre Yan’s Infinite Twin Flames!

Since this move was also from the Inferno Demon lineage, Kai felt that he could refine the Supreme Flame and turn it into his own!

Just as Ochre Yan had said, although Kai now possessed a strand of the Inferno Demon Ancestor’s Supreme Flame, he did not know how to utilise and use it, and his understanding of the Supreme Flame was still lacking, so Kai wanted to learn some tricks from Ochre Yan!

Ochre Yan froze for a moment when he saw Kai facing his Infinite Twin Flames and sat down without dodging!

Did this fellow know that he couldn’t escape, so he simply gave up?

Amazing Ochre didn’t understand why Kai didn’t resist anymore?

Although this Wuji Double Flame was very powerful, what Amazing Ochre had learned was only skin deep, it wasn’t so bad that Kai was so scared that he gave up resistance as soon as he struck!

Amazing Ochre looked at Kai warily, he was afraid that Kai was playing some kind of trick!

But until the twin-coloured flaming yin and yang discs fell on top of Kai’s head, Kai didn’t move a muscle!

Letting the two-coloured flames wrap around Kai!

Kai’s figure became fainter and fainter, and his whole body seemed to be absorbed by that Yin-Yang disc.

Seeing this, Ochre Amazing breathed a slight sigh of relief!

But just as Amazing Ochre was about to lift the spatial spell, he suddenly noticed that the originally burning Infinite Twin Flames were now slowly extinguishing!

And Kai’s figure slowly rose up, his gaze profoundly looking right at Amazing Ochre!

Ochre Yan was startled, then in his shocked gaze, he saw that the flames surrounding Kai’s body had also turned into two colours, half light blue flames and half dark black flames!


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