A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2697

“How can this be, how can this be? Impossible, absolutely impossible, how could you possibly have the Supreme Sacred Flame?”

Looking at the rising Supreme Flame, Ochre Amazing was dumbfounded!

His entire face was dumbfounded, how could he have never thought that Kai had the Supreme Sacred Flame of their Inferno Demon Clan inside him!

This Supreme Sacred Flame was a hundred times stronger than the Supreme Flame in his body!

“Impossible things abound, I will show you something even more amazing ……”

Kai said, a cold glint in his eyes as daoist flames began to flow through his body!

At this moment, the flames on Kai’s body were much more violent than the flames on Ochre Yan’s body, including the scorching heat that erupted from the flames, which was not of the same level!

At this moment, Kai was like the sun, making thousands of metres around him so hot that many people couldn’t bear it and ran off into the distance!

And the flames on Ochre Yan’s body instantly paled in comparison to Kai’s supreme fire, a small witch!

“This is the Supreme Flame of the Old Inferno Demon, why do you have it? Who the hell are you?”

“What is your relationship with the Inferno Demon Ancestor? Say, tell me quickly ……”

Ochre Amazing’s body was trembling slightly!

One must know that they, the Yan Devil lineage, were all considered disciples of the Yan Devil Ancestor, and now that Kai actually possessed the Yan Devil Ancestor’s supreme fire, if Kai was related to the Yan Devil Ancestor by following him, then Ochre Yan would be considered to be below the law!

No one in the Yan Devil clan dared to offend the Yan Devil Ancestor, and the fires they possessed were all inherited from the Yan Devil Ancestor!

If they hadn’t had the Flame in their bodies, they might have been driven into oblivion like the other demon clans!

The only reason they still existed in the Celestial Realm was because of the Flame in their bodies!

“Do you want to know?”

Kai smiled coldly, his entire body wrapped in flames, and his voice was icy cold as he said, “I am friends with the Inferno Demon Ancestor you mentioned, and I once saved his life!”

“Not only the Inferno Demon, but also the Wind Demon, the Blood Demon, and the Yin Demon, all of them are very familiar with me, if it wasn’t for me, they would still be turtles in a jar!”

“I also have the power of the Yin Devil’s Dao pattern on me, which you know.”

Kai’s words made Ochre Yan fall into deep thought, because what Kai said was right, the last time he followed Kai in a fight, Ochre Yan had felt the power of the Dao pattern in Kai’s body, and now Kai had the Supreme Fire of the Inferno Demon Ancestor on him, this made Ochre Yan a little uncertain!

“Ochre Yan, don’t listen to his bragging, how old is he, and with this amount of strength, how could he possibly know so many devils, not to mention that those devils he mentioned were already suppressed many years ago, how could you be fooled by him!”

The Second Elder saw from afar that Ochre Yan was being fooled by Kai and hurriedly shouted at him!

Ochre Yan’s body was suddenly awake, then he looked at Kai angrily and said “Good boy, I was almost fooled by you, I don’t know where you stole this from, how dare you say that you are friends with several great devils of the devil tribe, what a big talk!”

“I’m not ashamed of myself? Since you don’t believe me, then I’ll let you taste the tactics of the other devils!”

As Kai finished speaking, the flames on his body gradually extinguished, and his entire body was wrapped in a radiant golden light!

“Holy Light Fist …………”

Kai shouted, and immediately afterwards, a golden light continued to flicker above Kai’s fist.

Kai swung his fist out, and the brilliant golden light instantly turned into a golden ball of light heading straight for Ochre Yan!

This ball of light carried an endless aura that penetrated the void.

Seeing this, Ochre Yan’s pupils contracted fiercely and his body instantly retreated backwards, knowing that he could not take this move of Kai’s hard!

Although Amazing Ochre had not seen the Holy Light Fist before, he was able to feel the terrifying pressure from this punch!


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