A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2696

The substance was incomparably viscous and many of them fell on Kai’s body, instantly emitting a nuisance sound, accompanied by a puff of white smoke, and Kai’s skin was actually burned with a deep wound!

Kai’s brow furrowed and his Unbreakable Golden Body instantly activated, golden scales covered Kai’s entire body, wrapping him up like a golden-armored god of war!

However, the black substance that fell on Kai’s body still emitted a scorching heat, and the golden scales, even under the burning of this substance, were actually broken!

“Damn it, what is this thing? Why is it so difficult to deal with?”

Kai couldn’t help but curse, his body quickly retreating backwards as he tried to avoid this area!

These things were like phosphorus van, when they got on the body, they would constantly emit heat and burn, and there was no way to remove them from the body!

“Hahahaha …… you still want to run, how is that possible!”

“This is a black scale liquid condensed with supreme fire, there is no way to extinguish it.”

Ochre Yan laughed loudly, along with the wave of his palm, countless black scale liquid once again spurted towards Kai’s body!

Seeing this, Kai burst out a large amount of spiritual energy, forming a transparent shield around his body!

Zizi zizi …………

The black scaling liquid splashed onto the shield and quickly burned through it, and then began to burn and corrode the imperishable golden body on Kai’s body!

Kai looked at the black scaling liquid and for a moment he was in a passive situation, he didn’t expect this Ochre Amazing to be so skillful in controlling the supreme fire!

“Hahahaha, just die, nothing can resist the burning of the black scale liquid, in the end your whole body will be burnt to death with a thousand holes.”

Ochre Amazing laughed crazily, in his opinion, Kai was merely at the end of his rope, he would not be able to do it soon!

Suddenly, Kai’s eyes flashed brilliantly as he instantly remembered something!

“You are too happy too early, but you are not the only one who has the Supreme Flame, I also have it here, let us compete to see whose Supreme Flame is more powerful ……”

As Kai finished speaking, the Supreme Flame within his dantian was instantly transported to the palm of his hand!

Ochre Yan saw that a black ball of Supreme Flame was pulsating above Kai’s palm.

“Supreme Flame? Is it really the Supreme Flame? How did you come to possess the Supreme Flame?”

Ochre Yan was in disbelief, how could Kai possess the Supreme Flame!

He knew that this Supreme Flame was unique to the Inferno Demon Clan and could only be cultivated by their Demon Clan, but how could Kai, a human, have the Supreme Flame inside him?

Ochre Yan looked at Kai in shock, and he could feel that the power contained in the seemingly weak Supreme Flame in Kai’s palm was not to be underestimated!

“Could this be the Inferno Demon Ancestor’s Supreme Sacred Flame?”

At this moment, Ochre Yan’s mouth was rounded and his eyes held a bit of panic, for he had sensed that the Supreme Flame on Kai’s hand was not the same as his!

Kai didn’t know anything about the Inferno Demon Ancestor’s Supreme Sacred Flame, he only knew that this wisp of flame inside his body was also the Demon’s Supreme Flame!

“Since I can’t stop these black scale liquids of yours, let them burn up ……”

Kai finished speaking, and with a wave of his palm, that flame instantly rushed towards those black-scaled liquids!

The black scaled liquid instantly made a thumping sound when it touched the to fire, followed by an eruption of a ball of flame, all of which burst into flames!

As the black scale liquid burst into flames, a black mist surrounded it, directly enveloping it for hundreds of metres around!

As the black scale liquid burned, the threat to Kai was not as great!

And at this moment, Kai’s mass of supreme fire began to weave through the flames and kept absorbing the surrounding flames to increase its power!

The original flame, which was only the size of a palm, soon absorbed a large amount of flames and grew much larger, even as the flames continued to rise up!


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