A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2695

“Mr Chan …………”

“Ping Chen …………”

The Third Elder and also Liu Ruyan were worried when they saw that Ochre Yan had struck at Kai, and that his strike was a desperate move!

Although Kai had made a breakthrough, he had only just reached the Harmony Realm, while that Ochre Yan was a Demon Cultivator of the third rank of the Harmony Realm and also possessed the Supreme Fire!

There was still a gap between the two, so they were worried that Kai would not be a match for Ochre Yan!

But Kai was so confident that he didn’t care about Ochre Yan’s attack!

“You guys clean up that Second Elder, as for this Demon Cultivator, just leave it to me!”

“If I wish to kill him, I can do it anytime ……”

Kai said with a faint smile!

“Kid, you’re too f*cking crazy, I’d like to see how you can kill me ……”

Ochre Amazing roared, followed by flames that instantly engulfed Kai!

At this moment, when the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan saw this, they could only put their eyes on the Second Elder, followed by leaping up and attacking towards the Second Elder!

Now that the Second Elder didn’t have the help of Ochre Amazing, and most of those demon cultivators were dead, the Third Elder had the upper hand!

“Kill me, we must not let these traitors escape alone ……”

Liu Ruyan shouted!

Nie Heng and Fang Shu, on the other hand, led the Jade Tripod Sect disciples and all rushed up!

In an instant, the chaotic battle resounded once again!

People were dying all the time, and the blood spattered out, staining the entire ground of the Jade Tripod Sect red!

The Second Elder’s side began to lose ground, and was being killed by the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan’s men!

Ochre Yan, on the other hand, surrounded Kai with a sky full of flames, burning so fiercely and scorchingly that there was no way to breathe!

“Kid, today I will burn you to ashes, let’s see how you can still be arrogant!”

Seeing Kai trapped in the blazing fire, Ochre Yan said with a face full of triumph!

“With this little flame of yours, you still want to burn me to ashes, it’s really too weak, let this flame be fierce!”

Kai said with a playful expression!

“Good, since you still dare to shout, then I will let you taste the power of the Supreme Flame ……”

Ochre Amazing said as his palms kept waving, a flame began to tumble as the flames around Kai became even hotter!

This was the effect that Kai wanted, he had just refined a strand of Demon Supreme Flame, it was just a pity that that strand of Supreme Flame was too little, so if Kai wanted to make the Supreme Flame within his body strong, then he would have to absorb other Supreme Flames to strengthen the Supreme Flame within his body to do so!

That’s why Kai deliberately stimulated Ochre Yan, so that Ochre Yan would emit all the Supreme Flame inside his body!

Kai felt the flames around him, and the black flame-like symbol at his dantian began to pulsate and flicker!

The flames around him formed a small whirlpool and began to be absorbed by the wisp of flame within Kai’s body!

But Ochre Amazing was still not even aware of it, as he flipped his palms around and displayed all his strength!

As he watched Kai sizzling in the flames, Ao Yan’s face was filled with a cold smile!

But very soon, Amazing Ochre’s brow suddenly furrowed, followed by his eyes staring deadly at the fire around Kai, his face turning grave!

“Good boy, you are actually able to draw energy from this Supreme Flame of mine, no wonder you have no fear in this Supreme Flame!”

Ochre Amazing had discovered Kai’s little scheme!

Immediately afterwards, Amazing Ochre’s palms sucked in violently, and the flames surrounding Kai instantly arrived in Amazing Ochre’s palms, forming a ball of fire the size of a football!

The ball of fire was gradually extinguished and then turned black!

Ochre Yan threw the black ball towards the top of Kai’s head.

Boom …………

With an explosion, a substance like black oil instantly fell from the sky.


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