A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2692

The man who saw this scene, from surprise to relief, smiled lightly and said “I didn’t expect, I really didn’t expect, the body of one person contains the power of three tribes, perhaps you are the one who reshaped the heavenly dao ……”

After the man finished speaking, he saw his sleeves flicking, Kai’s body instantly detached from the dragon crystal, and then the dragon crystal emitted light, drilling towards Kai’s body a little bit!

Kai also seems to feel it, slightly closed his eyes, the dragon crystal inside his body emitted light, in constantly following the dragon crystal that entered his body to fuse!

The man’s body gradually became transparent and finally disappeared without a trace!

At the same time, far away in a very cold place in the Celestial Realm, a huge palace was suspended in mid-air!

The palace was majestic, covering a huge area, and was suspended in mid-air, hidden by clouds and mist, just like a fairyland!

In one of the rooms of the palace, surrounded by antique furniture, wisps of Zen incense wafted out!

On a couch, an old man with a white beard slowly opened his eyes!

“After so many years, someone has actually refined my Supreme Flame ……”

The old man’s eyes were profound, and there were even flames pulsating in his eyes!

Just then, a girl dressed in a fiery red dress with flames burning all over her body walked in!

“Master, in the southwest direction, an Inferno Demon body has appeared, has our time come?”

The girl asked to the old man!

“The Inferno Demon Body has appeared, no wonder my Supreme Flame is being refined.”

“Linglong, go away and find this Inferno Demon Body, and by the way, gather the disciples under my discipline.”

“A few other old devils have also been in the Celestial Realm for a long time, I can sense their presence!”

“Perhaps, the day has really come for our demon race to make its mark ……”

The old man’s eyes twinkled and there was a bit of excitement in his voice!

“As ordered ……”

Linglong nodded and slowly his entire body turned into a flame and disappeared immediately after!

And at this moment, Kai slowly opened his eyes and found that the man was gone, while the Dragon Crystal inside his body was shining out, and the rushing power of the divine Dragon was like rolling waves, constantly pounding on Kai!

“Breakthrough, it’s at this moment ……”

Kai hurriedly guided the divine dragon power within his body, constantly pounding and swimming within his dantian!

In the sky, countless black clouds unexpectedly slowly began to converge, finally converging over the Pill Pond!

And within the Jade Tripod Sect, the melee still continued!

Multiple wounds had appeared on the Third Elder’s body, and his breath had become faint!

Liu Ruyan, on the other hand, was pale and blood was flowing from several wounds on her body.

The bodies of countless Jade Tripod Sect disciples lay cold on the ground, those devilish cultivators striking ruthlessly, each blow taking away the life of a Jade Tripod Sect disciple!

At this moment, Hu Yixiao was also in a wretched state, his expression was incomparably tense!

Even with their combined efforts, they were still unable to deal with the demonic cultivators that the Second Elder had brought in. The hearts of the people were in despair, if things continued like this, there would only be one outcome for them, and that was death ……

“Second senior brother, since you want to be this clan master, then I will let you be, as long as you let me live, I will leave the Jade Tripod Sect immediately, and the clan master position will be yours.”

Hu Yixiao compromised, now he only thought about staying alive!

The Second Elder looked at Hu Yixiao and smiled coldly, “If you had done so, why would you have injured so many disciples.”

“Go away, I won’t make things difficult for you!”

The Second Elder let Hu Yixiao go, after all, he only wanted to be the Jade Tripod Sect’s Patriarch, he didn’t want to drive the people of the Jade Tripod Sect to extinction!

If he really killed all the Jade Tripod Sect disciples, what was the point of him being a bare-bones commander!

Hu Yixiao did not hesitate, and after the Second Elder promised to let him go, his body leapt up and fled the Jade Tripod Sect!

Hu Yixiao left the Jade Tripod Sect and headed straight for Ming Li King City. He was certainly not willing to lose his position as the Jade Tripod Sect’s Patriarch just like that.


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