A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2691

Upon hearing this, Kai instantly understood the man’s meaning and directly flipped his hands over, a light blue flame burning above his palms!

Immediately afterwards, Kai waved his palm, and the blue flame instantly wrapped that to fire!

The two flames then tangled together, both engulfing each other!

This was Kai’s intention to use his spirit fire to refine this Demon Supreme Flame!

After all, there was only such a single flame, so it shouldn’t be too troublesome to refine it!

But very soon, Kai discovered that although it looked like a small ball of Demon Flame, the power it contained was endless!

Even though Kai had used up almost all the spiritual energy in his body, he was still unable to refine it!

On the contrary, Kai’s spiritual fire was being subsumed by the Devil’s Fire!

Gritting his teeth, Kai waved out his spiritual energy as the light blue spiritual fire burned violently!


Suddenly, the sky was filled with black flames within the dragon crystal, the light blue spirit fire was directly engulfed, and even Kai was wrapped in the fire!

When the man saw this, his brow instantly furrowed, but there was nothing he could do to help!

As the black flames filled the entire dragon crystal, the formation that had been suppressing it instantly fell apart at this moment, directly crumbling and disappearing!

“Ai, it’s over, this might be the will of God ……”

The man sighed and closed his eyes slightly, as if waiting for the devouring of the supreme fire!

But after waiting for a few moments, the supreme fire that could have devoured everything did not come!

The man opened his eyes and found a faint golden light flickering in the midst of the black flames!

“This …………” The man’s eyes were wide open and he acted very surprised!

Only to see the faint golden light becoming more and more prevalent, constantly spreading towards the surroundings, soon the black flames were suppressed by this golden light!

Immediately within the entire dragon crystal, it was covered with a pattern of light, and around Kai, three different colored dragon crystals, were hovering around!

Underneath Kai’s feet, a vast star-like formation appeared, and within this formation, an aura surged, accompanied by the power of the divine dragon that was constantly erupting from within the dragon crystal, directly trapping that mass of devilish fire within it!

The fire rushed around, but there was no way to escape, it was completely sealed in the formation by Kai!

A ray of light slowly rose up, shining like a sharp sword on the fire, which seemed to be suffering great pain, and kept charging around!

Kai’s palms flipped and the three dragon crystals turned rapidly, finally merging into one, a huge whirlpool appeared and the dark fire was continuously attracted to the whirlpool!

Soon, the flames of the fire became smaller and smaller, and were finally sucked into the dragon crystal inside Kai’s body, while Kai opened his mouth and swallowed the dragon crystal into his stomach!

When he saw that Kai had actually sucked the Flame into his belly, the man’s eyes were filled with astonishment!

After the Supreme Flame had entered his belly, Kai hurriedly used the power of the three tribes to slowly guide the Supreme Flame using the power of the demons in it!

Since there was no way to extinguish the Demon Flame, he could only channel and refine it!

As Kai slowly guided it, the fire finally rested within Kai’s dantian, and on Kai’s dantian, a mark of black flame slowly appeared!

In this instant, Kai felt the power within his body rise up and up!

“Is this the power of the Demon Race’s Supreme Fire? It seems that there will be another means to protect one’s life from now on!”

Kai felt the power of the Supreme Fire and laughed outright!

Although this Supreme Flame was only a small ball, the power contained within was huge, if Kai could take advantage of it and release this Demon Supreme Flame to attack, he would definitely get twice the effect with half the effort!


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