A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2690

“You don’t need to think about it, I won’t give up this patriarch position to you, and besides, how can a disciple of my Jade Tripod Sect cooperate with a demon cultivator.”

“All Jade Tripod Sect disciples listen to the order, follow me to kill the Second Elder and eradicate the demonic cultivators ……”

Hu Yixiao raised his arms, there was no way he would meekly give up his position as the Jade Tripod Sect’s sect leader!

Only, not many people responded to Hu Yixiao’s arm raising cry this time, after all, Hu Yixiao was not honorable to be the sect leader!

The entire Jade Tripod Sect was now divided into three factions, the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan’s faction, Hu Yixiao’s faction, the Second Elder’s faction, and a portion of the Jade Tripod Sect’s disciples, who were wavering, not knowing who to listen to!

“I still say the same thing, those who obey me will prosper and those who disobey me will die, you had better make the right choice ……”

The Second Elder said as he coldly swept over the many Jade Tripod Sect disciples!

Feeling the cold gaze of the Second Elder, many of the Jade Tripod Sect disciples lowered their heads!

After all, the dozens of highly powerful demonic cultivators around them were all people brought by the Second Elder, and in the strength room door, the Second Elder clearly had the advantage!

“I am shrewd for a lifetime, but I do not want to be fooled by you, I kill you ……”

Hu Yixiao furiously rushed towards the second elder!

Originally, he had always thought that the Second Elder didn’t have any ambition, but he didn’t expect that the Second Elder’s ambition was the greatest!

“Third Elder, let’s go together, we may not lose if we join forces!”

Liu Ruyan said loudly to the Third Elder!

No matter what grudges they had following Hu Yixiao, this Jade Tripod Sect must not fall into the hands of demon cultivators!

“Hahahaha, what can you do even if you join forces?”

With a trembling in the void, flames suddenly appeared in the sky, followed by a human figure slowly stepping out in the midst of the flames!

The flames swept out like a huge wave, burning the void around with a bursting sound!

The Third Elder and Liu Ruyan were instantly knocked back by the flames!

When they saw him, the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan were both slightly stunned!

They didn’t expect that this fellow had escaped, but he still dared to come back!

“I let you escape last time, this time I will definitely kill you, this demonic cultivator ……”

With an explosive shout, the Third Elder headed towards Ochre Yan!

“Third Elder, I’ll help you ……”

Liu Ruyan also leapt up!

All the other Jade Tripod Sect disciples also shot up and followed those demonic cultivators in a mixed battle!

And at that moment, at the bottom of the Pill Pond!

Kai had entered within that dragon crystal!

Just as Kai entered the Dragon Crystal, the Dark Supreme Flame instantly went berserk and kept pounding in all directions, as if it wanted to break through the Dragon Crystal and escape!

“Where to escape ……”

Kai fiercely swung out a claw, wanting to catch that Supreme Fire, as long as it was removed from within the Dragon Crystal!

But that Supreme Flame seemed to possess consciousness, and with a few dodges, it dodged Kai’s attack, and then charged towards Kai!

Seeing this, Kai instantly let out a loud cry and activated his Invincible Golden Body, his body glowing with a golden light!

Darkness to Fire passed by Kai’s side, and a burst of flame instantly rose from Kai’s body!

An incomparably hot sensation assaulted Kai’s entire body.

A stream of spiritual energy emanated from Kai’s body and then formed a transparent shield of light around his body, directly extinguishing the flames on his body!

Immediately afterwards, Kai’s fists came out in unison, and a terrifying aura erupted, like a tornado, sweeping towards that supreme fire!

Kai wanted to use this breath to directly extinguish that Supreme Flame!

The terrifying aura swept out, and the dark fire was blown around, but the flames were still burning without the slightest sign of being extinguished!

“This Demon Supreme Flame cannot be extinguished, you can only refine it ……”

The man looked at Kai inside the dragon crystal, so he said in a voice!


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