A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2689

Nie Heng, who had escaped from the hall, instantly noticed that something was wrong, as he sensed that there were dozens of terrifying auras all around him approaching the Jade Tripod Sect hall!

Now that all the disciples were gathered in one place, there weren’t even any guards at the entrance, so if someone were to sneak up on the Jade Tripod Sect at this time, then the Jade Tripod Sect would be in danger!

Nie Heng hurriedly hid his body, and soon he saw dozens of people in strange costumes appearing from all directions, the auras of these were formidable, and the worst of them were all at the eighth level of cultivation at the Realm of Transformation!

These dozens of people surrounded the entire Jade Tripod Sect hall, only these people didn’t make any next move, they just surrounded the Jade Tripod Sect hall from outside, seemingly waiting for orders!

Seeing this, Nie Heng hurriedly rushed back into the hall, which was in chaos at the moment, with quite a few corpses on the floor!

“Stop, stop all, something’s wrong, something’s wrong ……”

Nie Heng shouted desperately!

Soon, the melee stopped, Hu Yixiao looked at Nie Heng with a face full of anger and said “Nie Heng, as the eldest disciple, where are you running off to instead of helping my master?”

Hu Yixiao was very angry when he saw that Nie Heng wasn’t helping him against the Third Elder!

“Master, don’t fight anymore, something’s wrong.”

“Someone has broken into our Jade Tripod Sect, there’s a lot of people here, I’m afraid they’re not good. ……”

Nie Heng said anxiously to Hu Yixiao.

“What?” Hu Yixiao was stunned, then asked anxiously, “What kind of people are they? Did you get a clear look?”

“I don’t know, those people are outside and have surrounded the whole hall, we can’t kill each other anymore.”

Nie Heng shook his head!

Hearing Nie Heng say this, the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan and the others were also shocked, they hadn’t expected that someone would take advantage of their Yuding Clan’s infighting and suddenly attack!

All the Jade Tripod Sect disciples were all startled, while Hu Yixiao took the lead and rushed out!

After rushing out of the hall, everyone drew a cold breath as they looked at the dozens of experts around them!

“Demon cultivators?”

The Third Elder said with a change of expression!

The others could also see that these people were demon cultivators, and they all tensed to the extreme!

For so many years, demon cultivators had been the rats in the street, everyone shouted at them, and there were no demon cultivators who dared to appear openly and honestly.

“Gentlemen, don’t be nervous, these people are all brought by me, as long as you obey my orders, there won’t be any danger.”

The Second Elder bellowed, then leapt into mid-air!

Since the matter had come to this, the Second Elder had nothing more to hide!

Moreover, the melee between the Third Elder and Hu Yixiao had caused both sides to suffer losses and were facing exhaustion, so the Second Elder could just kill them all in one go!

“Second Senior Brother, what are you doing bringing these demonic cultivators here?”

Hu Yixiao’s eyes gaped slightly and said!

The second elder smiled coldly “Brother, as the saying goes, the wind and water rotate, you have been the sect master for a few years now, isn’t it time for me to sit on that seat as well? Besides, you have also used despicable means to obtain the position of sect leader, so it is not too much for me to use some means to seize the position of sect leader, right?”

“You …………”

Hu Yixiao was furious when he heard that, originally he thought that everything was under his control, but he didn’t want to be set up by the Second Elder!

“Second Elder, it’s fine for you to want to get the clan’s position, but you openly colluded with a demon cultivator, this is a capital crime that everyone will be punished for.”

“If the surrounding clans find out that you colluded with a demon cultivator, have you thought about the consequences?”

Liu Ruyan asked with a cold face as she turned to the Second Elder!

“Hahahaha, what’s wrong with colluding with devil cultivators? Which one of you has not done everything to harm Heaven and Earth for your own benefit?”

“Don’t come to lecture me now, today those who obey me will prosper and those who disobey me will die, whoever stops me from becoming this Patriarch will die ……”

The Second Elder laughed rampantly!


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