A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2688

“Patriarch, did you really kill the old patriarch?”

At this point, a disciple stepped forward and asked in disbelief!

“That’s right, the old Patriarch was faint and incompetent, causing our Jade Tripod Sect to develop for many years and still be destitute, don’t you guys see how much the Jade Tripod Sect has changed in the years I have been managing it?”

Hu Yixiao admitted without any qualms!

Seeing Hu Yixiao’s admission, many of the Jade Tripod Sect disciples were surprised beyond words, but more of them were silent!

Even Liu Ruyan had not expected that Hu Yixiao would admit it so readily.

“Fellow disciples, this Hu Yixiao has admitted it himself, we should unite and kill him as a traitor to avenge the old Patriarch.”

The Third Elder held his sword and raised his arm in a shout!

“Execute the traitor and avenge the old Patriarch ……”

The disciples of the Third Elder’s lineage began to shout along with them, but no one else spoke up!

Seeing this, the Third Elder looked at the Second Elder and said “Second Senior Brother, the Old Patriarch has treated you well, won’t you join us today and kill the traitor Hu Yixiao?”

Although the Third Elder already knew the answer in his heart, he still wanted to ask the Second Elder!

“Third senior brother, this person of mine has always disliked fighting for power and courage, I will not get involved in this matter, for me, there is nothing wrong with the eldest senior brother being this patriarch.”

The corners of the Second Elder’s mouth lifted, then he took two steps backwards, showing that he would not get involved in this!

When the Third Elder saw this, he was still furious with the Second Elder, even though he already knew the answer in his heart.

“You despicable villain, I shouldn’t have trusted you in the first place, you will not be allowed to die a good death ……”

The Third Elder cursed at the Second Elder!

“Senior brother, you’d better mind your own business first, I don’t know if you’ll still get out alive today!”

The Second Elder said with a smug look on his face!

“All disciples listen to the order, follow me to hang the traitor and avenge the old patriarch ……”

The Third Elder raised his arms and shouted, followed by heading straight for Hu Yixiao!

It had come to this, and the Third Elder knew that they had no other choice but to fight to the death and still have a chance of survival!

“All Jade Tripod Sect disciples, please follow me to destroy this traitor Hu Yixiao and restore the prestige of our Jade Tripod Sect!”

Liu Ruyan also shouted and rushed forward!

Fang Shu, with the disciples of the Third Elder’s lineage, also followed suit and charged up to kill!

There were many other disciples who were ready to move, but many of them were watching the Second Elder’s attitude!

If the Second Elder helped the disciples, they would have an absolute advantage!

Unfortunately, the Second Elder retreated to one side and actually sat down, intending to watch the fun, not even planning to fight!

“Eldest Miss, do you really plan to fight to the death? If you meekly fold your arms and give up, I can spare the lives of the disciples following you!”

“Are you just going to stand by and watch those disciples, die for your selfish desires?”

Hu Yixiao said to Liu Ruyan with a cold smile on his face!

“Hu Yixiao, we already have the intention of certain death today, none of the disciples under my sect are greedy for death.”

The Third Elder bellowed and directly followed Hu Yixiao in battle!

And the disciples of the Third Elder’s lineage and Hu Yixiao’s lineage also instantly mixed up in battle, and the entire hall of the Jade Tripod Sect was filled with swords and shadows!

At this moment, Nie Heng, who was Hu Yixiao’s eldest disciple, did not fight, but retreated backwards and hid outside the hall!

He was still alive now, so that proved that Kai within the Pill Pond hadn’t died long ago as the others had guessed, Kai should still be alive now!

If Kai had died, Nie Heng’s life-soul would also have disappeared in an instant, and without it, it would be impossible for Nie Heng to survive!

Since Kai was still alive, Nie Heng didn’t want to get involved in this fight, because no matter who won, Nie Heng wouldn’t do well!


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