A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2687

“As you can see, this dragon crystal of mine is tainted with the devil’s supreme fire, and although it is now suppressed by the formation, the formation will eventually collapse one day!”

“I don’t want my dragon crystal to end up as an evil thing, trying to harm living creatures ……”

“So I want to offer this dragon crystal to you, but if you want to get this dragon crystal, you must eliminate the devil race’s supreme fire before you can do so.”

“Do you dare to give it a try?”

The man said to Kai!

Kai looked at the dragon crystal, his eyes constantly flickering!

For such a good thing, Kai would never let it go, although eliminating that devil race’s supreme fire might be dangerous, but it would be worth it to get such a complete dragon crystal!

“Senior, I can try, but if I take away your dragon crystal, won’t you have to perish?”

Kai said to the man.

“Hahahaha, I have long since been a thing whose dao has vanished and died, so there is no such thing as perishing or not, it is my destiny for this dragon crystal to find a destined person.”

The man laughed loudly!

Seeing that the man had said so, Kai’s divine thoughts flashed and his whole body instantly entered the dragon crystal.


Inside the Jade Tripod Sect!

It was the day of the Jade Tripod Sect’s sect meeting and all the disciples were travelling in full costume!

Inside the sect’s main hall, Hu Yixiao sat in the position of the sect master, flanked by the Third Elder and Second Elder!

And below them stood the disciples of each of their lineage elders, all divided and fighting against each other too!

At this moment, the atmosphere in the entire clan hall was very depressing, and everyone was calculating their own plans in their hearts!

Liu Ruyan stood among the disciples of the Third Elder’s lineage, her eyes looking angrily at Hu Yixiao.

“Second senior brother, third senior brother, everyone has arrived, I think the assembly can start ……”

Hu Yixiao swept a glance at the crowd of disciples and then said!

“Senior brother, before the assembly starts, may I say a few words?”

The Third Elder asked!

“Of course you can, go ahead ……” Hu Yixiao said with a faint smile!

The Third Elder nodded, then got up and swept his eyes over the many disciples of the Jade Tripod Sect!

Seeing that Third Elder’s appearance, Hu Yixiao and the Second Elder then looked at each other and smiled!

“Fellow Jade Tripod Sect disciples, today at the sect assembly, I would like to invite all of you to meet someone ……”

The Third Elder finished, then nodded towards Liu Ruyan!

Liu Ruyan leapt and her body landed steadily next to the Third Elder!

“Third senior brother, what are you doing?” Hu Yixiao asked in confusion, pretending not to know!

“Hu Yixiao, I’m going to expose your evil deeds at today’s sect assembly, so that all sect disciples will know your face.”

Liu Ruyan looked at Hu Yixiao angrily and suddenly ripped the disguise mask off her face!

When Liu Ruyan’s face was revealed, many of the sect’s disciples were instantly shocked!

“Eldest Miss, isn’t this Eldest Miss?”

“Didn’t we say that Eldest Miss had died? Why is she still alive?”

“What’s going on here?”

Numerous disciples murmured!

“So it’s Missy, I didn’t expect you to be alive ……”

Hu Yixiao saw Liu Ruyan reveal her original face and said with a faint smile.

Seeing Hu Yixiao’s unsurprised expression, the hearts of the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan all sank, and then looked at the Second Elder!

Only to see that the Second Elder’s face was calm and he didn’t say a word!

At this moment, the Third Elder and Liu Ruyan both had a bad feeling, but the matter had come to this point, and it was difficult to stop!

“Hu Yixiao, you used poison, poisoned our family, and then seized the position of the Jade Tripod Sect’s Patriarch afterwards, you heartless fellow, aren’t you afraid of not being allowed to die a good death?”

“Thanks to the eyes of God, I am still alive in the world and can expose your evil deeds and can avenge my parents’ death ……”

Gritting her teeth, Liu Ruyan hissed and roared at Hu Yixiao!


At Liu Ruyan’s words, everyone was stunned!

They had never imagined that this was how Hu Yixiao’s position as Patriarch came about, and that the old Patriarch had been poisoned to death by Hu Yixiao!


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