A man like none other and the man decree Chinese A Man Like None Other Chapter 2686

Only to see the extremely violent aura emanating from the dragon crystal, especially after Kai got close, the dragon crystal actually started to tremble!

The power of the divine dragon within Kai’s body also seemed to be a flood of fierce beasts, rushing outwards uncontrollably!

At this moment, the huge formation above his head shone with a light that shone on the dragon crystal, seemingly controlling the raging dragon crystal!

“What the …… hell is this place?”

“Couldn’t this be the belly of a giant dragon?”

Kai was filled with surprise, looking at the dragon crystals in front of him, and the small mountain-like skeleton, Kai began to wonder if they had entered inside the belly of a certain giant dragon!

The man smiled faintly, then nodded his head!

At this moment, Kai looked at the man in confusion and said, “You said that it was you who were suppressing this, so in that case, wouldn’t I be inside your stomach?”

“What the hell is going on here? Who is suppressing you?”

Kai was now dumbfounded, confused as to what was going on with this man!

“I laid this formation, and it is also myself who is suppressing it ……”

The man said!

This answer from the man made Kai even more confused, he had never seen someone who had laid a formation to suppress himself before!

“Why do you want to suppress yourself?”

Kai asked in disbelief!

The man laughed but did not say anything, casually pointed at the dragon crystal and said “Look at the dragon crystal carefully ……”

After hearing this, Kai once again looked closely at the dragon crystal!

Soon, Kai’s pupils shrank and his eyes were astonished, because he found that within the dragon crystal, there was a very fine black flame, although the black flame looked very faint, but it was obviously pulsating and burning!

One must know that dragon crystals are pure, there can never be impurities in them, but in this dragon crystal, there was a black flame pulsating, which made Kai very strange!

“What is inside this dragon crystal?”

Kai asked the man!

“That is the Dark Supreme Fire of the Demon Race, back then I was severely injured and the Dragon Crystal inside me was even scorched by the Demon’s Supreme Fire, that is why I laid down this spell formation to suppress myself.”

“If not, my Dragon Crystal would have blackened by now, and I don’t know how many people would have perished.”

The man explained.

As soon as Kai heard this, he was intrigued and hurriedly asked “Senior, in that case, you must have experienced the God-Devil War, right? What exactly happened back then?”

“Do you know who my father is? Many people say that I am the son of a dragon, the true body of a golden dragon, what is this all about?”

Kai had finally come across an ancient dragon, and he desperately wanted to know about his father!

After hearing Kai’s question, the man suddenly became silent, and then slowly said “Who can say what happened back then, back then, that battle, the heavenly dao collapsed, the order was in chaos, I was just an insignificant member of it, what can I know ……”

The man’s expression obviously became sad when he mentioned the events of that year!

After a while, the man continued “You do have the dragon bloodline flowing in you, otherwise you wouldn’t have come here, as for who your father is, perhaps you will know when you really grow up ……”

The man’s expression clearly became respectful when he mentioned Kai’s father.

When Kai saw this, he stopped asking questions, he knew that it seemed that the only way to find out about his father was to explore it himself, and every time he asked about his father, all of them looked so profound that no one would really tell him!

“Then what did you bring me here for?”

Kai knew that the man who had suddenly appeared and brought himself into this formation must have had another intention!!!


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